But What About That Guy Next to Me

N.C. Senate votes to ban cell phone use for teen drivers, but they still think it is okay for the rest of us. Despite this factoid from a bill supporter, Austin Allran (R):

“I think it’s a good idea. Cell phone use while driving … increases your chances of a wreck four times.”

While the teens are faced with a violation for talking on their cell phone while driving, the guy next to me is only face with the possibility of either killing me and getting flipped off, whichever comes first.


The rational basis, I think,

if the law were to be challenged under equal protection, would be that teens are a more dangerous group, and that that justifies restrictions that could fairly be considered unreasonable for another group (like no driving at night on a learner's permit, etc.).

I think you're totally right, though. Cell phone use when driving is dangerous enough to justify (to my thinking) restrictions for all drivers. (And new research shows that hands-free sets don't decrease the danger.)

Lance, You Are Studying too much

Just because someone can find a rational basis does not mean that it is prudent or even a reasonable legislative act.

That's true, but

I take one of your assumptions to be that driving while talking is dangerous, so much so that legislation ought to prohibit it. (I agree with that assumption.) Then a law prohibiting the behavior in a particular group is prudent and reasonable; the only complaint could be about the targeted group.

In other words, are you saying that the law should be extended to cover all drivers, but that it isn't prudent and reasonable?

Talk talk talk

My reaction to the law when it was first brought up focused on the fact that it's not cell phone use that's the source of danger, it's the act of talking itself.

Which prompted my call for legislation to prohibit talking while driving.

Sneezing is pretty bad too

especially since it is impossible to sneeze with your eyes opened...and what about those people who sneeze like 10 times in a row. I think we should ban sneezing while driving.

All kidding aside....

I did read a report somewhere a while ago that said listening to music makes for a more alert driver and that includes those people singing their way down the road.

Of course, they didn't say a word about those people fiddling for just the right CD or radio station.

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