Wesley Meredith supports expanding Medicaid -- to his family

It seems that state Senator Wesley Meredith, in addition to being racist and misogynist, also feeds at the public trough then lies about it.

An accusation of potential Medicaid insurance fraud against Republican state Sen. Wesley Meredith dates back nearly 20 years, but documents dropped by his Democratic opponent, Billy Richardson, have stirred up what was a quiet election campaign in Cumberland County.

The documents include Medicaid ID cards from 1996 naming Meredith's son and his then-wife, Elizabeth, as recipients. One hospital record obtained by WRAL shows Medicaid covered the birth.

There is no signature, but it lists Wesley Meredith as the guarantor. At the time, tax records show Meredith, a landscaper, was making around $100,000 a year.

Ol' Wes, a tea party loon who has a bad habit of saying out loud what the tea party believes but isn't supposed to admit in public, never denies the charge. Instead, he rants about his opponent bringing up the topic.

Wesley Meredith said his marriage was in shambles at the time and blasted his opponent for attacking him.
Yet when pressed, Meredith didn’t deny involvement in getting his family on Medicaid.

"I don't recall," he said. He also wouldn’t comment on whether a settlement was reached with DSS.

The tea party must be proud of Wes. When making $100K per year, he got Medicaid for his family, and now he denies Medicaid to half a million North Carolinians who barely can scrape by.