Were you there?

According to the N&O today, Governor Perdue opened the doors of the executive mansion last week to her political supporters.

David Kochman, Perdue's communications director, declined to identify all of 25 or so people who attended the meeting March 30. But he confirmed that Sewell and Lanny Wilson of Wilmington, another Board of Transportation member, were there. Kochman said not all those invited were campaign supporters of Perdue, a New Bern Democrat. He said the meeting did not give special access to the people who raised money for Perdue's campaign.

"I think that lots of people in all walks of life ... have had good access to her to share their views and to hear from her and she's very proud of that fact," Kochman said.

From what I can tell listening to the grapevine, the meeting also did not include any representation by North Carolina progressives or bloggers, many of whom worked their asses off for the governor in her race against Pat McCrory. But of course, who really knows. It's apparently all a big secret.

Not exactly what I'd call transparency.

It's tempting to think this is an example of "how soon they forget." But what's more likely the case is that the Governor is embarrassed to face progressives - mental health advocates and environmentalists in particular - who worked to support her.


Let me know

In case you're tempted to think this is me and my sour grapes, don't. I never expect to be invited to any political anything, and never attend even when I am invited.

But if you were among the Chosen Ones, please let hear from you. I'd love to have my suspicions about back-room business as usual dispelled.