Were you a fan of the surge in Iraq?

Back when Iraq War apologists were gushing about the successful "surge," long time anti-war activists were shaking their heads at the absurdity of imperial American cheerleading. From all I can see, the "surge" served only to provide a smokescreen that covered our embarrassing retreat from a war that never should have been fought. And things have only gone from badder to worser.

Suicide attacks struck a government compound in the Sunni heartland of western Iraq and a Shiite procession northeast of Baghdad on Sunday.

Nor are things going any better in our second misguided war, Obama's escalating conflict in Afghanistan. Word has it that the Prez is promising a fancy new strategy to save the day for a country in which no day has ever been saved over many decades of continuous strife.

I sure hope his plan to end that disastrous conflict works out better than his plans to end DADT and Bush's tax cuts for billionaires. But I'm not holding my breath.


A bunch of lies were told to

A bunch of lies were told to get us into these wars. Have they forgotten how to lie? Tell us some more lies and bring the troops home. Garbage in, garbage out. Lies to get in, lies to get out. How about we tell the lie that those folks over there have seen enough of us and our ways and want us to go the hell home. Maybe that isn't even a lie. What is the old saying?, "The first casuality of war is the truth." Surely we have some good, old fashioned liars around that could lie our way out of there. And that's the truth. Maybe.

I like to read

Pat Lang's blog http://turcopolier.typepad.com/sic_semper_tyrannis/

I don't always agree with everything he has written, but his background and connections give good insight into military mindset. His familiarity with COIN and how it works or doesn't work has been enlightening to me.

Based on Obama's record with negotiating, I suspect the military will rollover him like the Republican's and we will be in Afghanistan for many years.

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