We're waiting.

The two men at the top of the Republican ticket continue to stand by Donald Trump through thick and thin. Pat McCrory and Richard Burr both have endorsed Trump's candidacy, and show no signs of repudiating him, even after his reckless call for a "Second Amendment" solution to stop Hillary Clinton.

Neither man has the courage to disavow Donald Trump. They are betting their political futures that there are enough North Carolina voters who share their bigoted and hateful view of America.



The only thing that might sway them

is polling data. They don't care about policy, or the increasingly off-the-wall and dangerous Trump rhetoric, they only care about keeping their cushy government jobs. And unfortunately, North Carolina voters (a majority of them, anyway) seem to actively avoid learning new things about people like McCrory and Burr. If you talk to ten random people on the street, you'll be lucky to find even one who can tell you *anything* about these two. But they will pull that lever for them, nonetheless.

Really creepy coincidence

I've not seen anyone point out the really disturbing fact that Trump chose Wilmington to deliver his message about "2nd Amendment people" using armed insurrection against Clinton and her potential Supreme Court picks.

Anyone who remembers their history will recall that Wilmington was the site of one of the worst white armed insurrections against Blacks after the Civil War.

Forty-eight hours after Manly’s editorial ran Waddell led 500 white men to the headquarters of the Daily Record on 7th Street. The mob broke out windows and set the building on fire. Manly and other high profile African Americans fled the city; however, at least 14 African Americans were slain that day. An eyewitness later wrote that African Americans fled to the swamps, or hid in the African American cemetery at the edge of town. When their criminal behavior resulted in neither Federal sanctions nor condemnation from the state, Waddell and his men formalized their control of Wilmington. The posse forced the Republican members of the city council and the mayor to resign and Waddell assumed the mayoral seat. Over the next two years North Carolina passed the “grandfather clause,” as one in a series of laws designed to limit the voting rights of American Americans.

Just over a hundred years later, Trump calls for the same type of violence in the city where it happened before.

That is creepy

It's also not the first time he's inadvertently(?) said something stupid that had an historical clash with either the date he said it or the place he said it. Like his recent references to nuclear missiles on the anniversary of Hiroshima, to name just one.

He truly is a dangerous demagogue.