We're Going Camping!

For the next few days BlueNC is leaving the comfort and shelter of its front page to venture into BlueNC Backcountry. While the front page is taking a well-deserved rest, you can find everything you need and more using the tracker (bluenc.com/tracker). If you're logged in, the tracker will even tell you where the new posts and comments are! (It doesn't warn you about the bears, though; you're on your own there.)

In the meantime, blog and post as usual. Go to the Take Action Page and use the internet to talk some sense into your government. Use the BlueNC Calendar to find out what's going on, or even add your own events. Check out the NC Blog Index, were you can find out about other NC blogs or add your own. Most important of all: keep discovering and sharing a passion for liberal North Carolina politics!


P.S. Just to be extra clear, the site is having some problems, caught in a time warp, so to speak, with old entries showing up on the front page and in the comments sections instead of new entries. It may be a few days until we get it fixed.




It's easy. Do it. In fact, do everything you can.
Down with King George.

Oh Damn.

I just signed this again today!!!!

I'm a sheeple.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

You just made my day....

I was tipped off when I saw the post about BlueNC changing...I thought.."Lance wouldn't have done this without warning us, right?" Then I noticed the date.

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Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

This cracked me up

I needed it this morning. Thanks!

Lance isn't updating the site?

Wait, I'm confused....ok, I thought you were updating the site and that it was all wonky because of that and that you were putting old posts up for our entertainment!

Where did i go wrong here?

ALSO, you guys have got to read this lte. It's from the past president of the moore county Republicans, Malcolm Owing... He and I have had a few lte wars in the past. Anyone want to help me answer this one? Or jump on and write one too?

He is just another example of Republican hate and bigotry. I know in his little ol' heart, he believes this spew, but too many get their opinion in this county from good ol' boys like him.

I just don't understand how you can be at war with a religion. BTW, quite ironic for him to call THEM facist.

Just in case this is confusing you,

the site has gotten caught in a time warp and we are being revisted by blasts from the past (December). No telling when it'll be fixed, so addicts like myself will have to do with back-country hiking in the meantime.

In this case "we're going camping" means

something's busted. Some logged in users (all logged in users?) are seeing everything on the front page out of order. The "recent comments" and "recent blog posts" sidebars are fried as well. That makes it hard to find new stuff, unless you use the tracker.

Sadly, I'm the only one of us intimately familiar with the website's inner workings, and I'm moving this weekend. It's possible that starting tomorrow, I won't have more than a handful of internet minutes at a time until Monday or Tuesday. (There's a lesson here for me, if for no one else: a website dependent on one person is always one personal crisis away from defunctitude.)

Anyway, everything else seems to be working, and I've been talking to folks about how to get things back to normal. I'll keep you guys and gals posted. Sorry!

Awww Lance,

Murphys law. Always kicks in when you don't need it!
And moving too...are ya having fun yet?

Hey, I made up my own law...momo's law:

When someone pulls out and cuts you off in traffic, they will either 1) turn off right down the road or 2) go at least 5 mph slower than the speed limit.

here's a little something for your viewing pleasure, maybe it will give you a little lift. It's my son's site, he did a drum solo. His business partner, Charlie (or Chaz) did the video.

click on the top video on the left. Their company is Axis Chemicals, they are in Big Cypress, Fl.

Thanks, mo

That's some pretty fancy drummin'!

As I wrote to you via email...

someone with a Scoop site has reported the same problems and now they have no ADMIN access to the site.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

You're welcome

Hope it gave you a little vacation from your probs...

Camping is Divine

Oh, sorry, different camp. Looking for the "Big Tent".

I'm having no problemo with Mo (Mo-zilla that is). Knock on Formica©.

Glad you didn't mean

me Greg....would hate it if that was your gray matter pic of me


I once had a letter addressed to me as Grey Flem and that was from a US Postal Inspector. I'd hate to think that was the "gray matter pic of me". Perhaps they mistook me for my spitting image.

Oh Greg,

That is soooo baaaaad......hehehe

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Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Problem Identified

This problem is based on an upgrade in the database software that almost all community sites use: MySQL. The most recent update isn't playing nicely with many Drupal/CivicSpace installs. Our host applied this upgrade the other night (as it is their job to do). It's not clear at this point whether this is a problem with Drupal or MySQL (although based on Robert's comments above it seems that the update also messed up perl-based Scoop, suggesting that MySQL changed something important without telling anyone or by accident).

There's no fix as of now, but keep in mind that this problem is only affecting users with node admin priviliges (that's anyone with the power to promote their own and others' posts to the front page), and it's only affecting the display of teaser pages. Everything else is working, and for most users there is no apparent problem. Panic is, shall we say, premature.

You can track the status of this problem here and here.

I'm sitting outside a Holiday Inn Express right now because I'm packing to move and have already disconnected my internet service. Any fix that comes along will likely be applied here hours behind everywhere else, as I don't expect to be fully moved in in Atlanta until Monday. (Talk about bad timing!) There are folks here who have my phone number, so in case of an emergency, have one of the other admins give me a call.