We're Up!

BlueNC is back up and running and, as you've probably noticed, it looks a little different. I'll start with the bad news: we lost all of the comments on our old posts, and those old posts are going to have to be manually reentered. That's not a small thing--we have all appreciated the conversations that took place on this blog, and I for one am sad to see them go.

Here's the good news: BlueNC will be ready to kick all kinds of conservative ass in the new year! I'll be blogging about our new features over the next few days, but here's an overview.

  • We're going to have a collaborative encyclopedia of all things North Carolina politics, and you can help write and edit it.
  • Organize! BlueNC has everything you need to develop and promote political action -- including an events calendar, rsvp and volunteer software, and mailing lists, all at the disposal of our Trusted Users.
  • You can have your own blog at BlueNC. Even if you already have a blog, signing up for one here will let you cross-post your entries. TarGator, Anglico, and I are able to promote user blog entries to the front page.

Stay tuned!



Oh my!

You mean you lost all of my astute, witty comments?! I've been busy this week with the Mom and Christmas things, so missed the change. It looks great. Keep up the good work.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.