Well, I'll Be! Jim Black's Video Poker Days are Over

Jim Black has seen the light. Now that North Carolina has the lottery to satisfy gamblers and to provide income to the convenience stores that house the video poker industry, Speaker Black has decided he will support a one year phase-out of video poker in this state.

I'm sure Slim and Lucky, down at the local Jiffy Joint are spitting mad. There goes their afternoon amusement. Now what will they do? I mean, you can only scratch off so many cards before you lose interest.

More on the flip side...

OK, all joking aside, the machines weren't manufactured in this state, so that can't be the source of the "thousands of people will lose their jobs," that Jim Black refers to. I realize that somewhere else in North Carolina that isn't anywhere near anywhere I stop to buy gas or run in for milk, there must be a convenience store that exists only for video poker. Maybe there are hundreds and maybe there are thousands of them. I can't imagine that any of these places have extra employees just to handle video poker.

I remember an area of South Carolina near a flea market I used to visit that did its best to look like it belonged somewhere near Vegas. It was pretty pathetic. I imagine some dark back rooms, a few strippers and rows of video poker machines. I'm still not coming up with thousands of employees.

Oh well, I guess it doesn't matter now because Jim Black has decided they must go.

The Charlotte Observer has the story.


It's Black who must go.

He's about enough to cause me to declare myself "independent" and say f*ck-you to the NCDP.

But you won't

because then I would get mad....and things could get ugly. I need a partner in...um...whatever it is we do here. :)

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Fuzzy logic

"There's some grey areas that need to be cleared up, but, as long as you're within the grey area then that's not a violation".
Jim Black, interview with Tim Boyum, News 14, Political Connect, 5/5/06