Well, This Certainly Speaks for Itself

North Carolina is tweeting from the highest mountains ... new PPP poll today:

Burr leads Marshall by just a single point, 43-42

For the first time, one of the Democratic candidates is statistically tied with Richard Burr. Go Elaine!

According to crosstabs, she has a huge advantage in the (704) and (919) area codes, and she's holding her own Down East. Her only real problem area is (336), where Cal dropped a significant amount of money (and where Burr lives). She is also stomping Burr in the 18-29 demographic; interesting since that might be the group of voters least likely to know Elaine. In a year where turnout is down and apathy rules on Election Day, the candidate who can energize not-yet-disillusioned young voters to come out to the polls may have a decisive advantage.

Why not give Elaine twenty bucks and tell Richard Burr who's boss?


Thanks Sam

You're 100% right. The numbers speak for themselves and certainly call into question the straw-man argument that dominated a large chunk of the primary.

Just gave

Thanks for the prod. Go Elaine!

Elaine Statistically tied with Burr?

That is amazing. I thought we might be that close in August and squeak by in November if at all. I'd never have imagined it this close in May.

I like these numbers. I like them a lot. But lets make them a little better just to be safe.