Welcome to NC's new small (big in your bedroom) government

“We’re a centrist state. We’re a small government, we’re a limited-government, free-market, stay-out of my-personal-life electorate.” So declared Republican NC Representative Tom Tillis, the mastermind strategist behind the Republican take over of the NC House on WUNC this morning.

Really. I wonder what soon-to-be Republican Speaker Paul Stam thinks about the “stay-out-of-my-personal-life-electorate.” I can’t say that he’s ever been a fan. Well, at least as far as the female portion of the electorate is concerned.

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Tom Tillis is rumored to be planning a run for Speaker

I don't know for sure if it's official yet, but many at the leg are saying that Tom Tillis is the odds on favorite to become the next Speaker. Not Stam.

Paul Stam is a "legend in his own mind." His. Not everyone everyone else. His ego and his zealotry may prevent his achieving his goal of becoming Speaker of the House in January.

I don't know Tillis, but I plan to request a media interview with him about this in the next few days.

Right now I am still in shock from the election results.

Martha Brock