Welcome to BlueNC's Lavender Lobbyist Day

Welcome to BlueNC's Lavender Lobbyist Day held to shine a brighter light on the bigotry of NC Senator Jim Forrester, Rep. Paul Stam and the other hate mongers in the North Carolina General Assembly.

Please use the comment section of this thread to share your thoughts on the hatred that must be eating at these men's souls.


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I love our Lavender day!

As for the hatred in their souls - I'm not sure I can speak to that. But - I will say this:

The idea that a constitution of a state or the US would be amended to restrict the rights of individual goes against everything that is right about the United States.

Also, I fail to see how any marriage, between any two people could be a threat to anyone else's, unless there is, in fact, something quite wrong with the former.

Just sayin'.

Doesn't Forrester know that the "Lavender" insult is so 1960s?

It's 2009. Real men wear pink. Burnt orange is the new red. And seersucker never goes out of style in the South.

Already this year (that would be 2009, Senator Forrester) the Wyoming and Indiana legislatures have killed their versions of the does-nothing-to-stop-divorce amendment. Even West Virginia has the decency not put an amendment on their books.

Yet the Senator says North Carolina isn't "conservative" enough? Don't a couple of these states generally come to mind when you think of conservative states?

Guess this issue isn't a conservative/liberal issue - just a common sense one.


Wasting the people's time and money

My major beef with these folks is that they are not working on what is really important - we have a budget crisis, we have too many drop-outs, we have too many children living in poverty, too many people without jobs or healthcare, roads and bridges that are crumbling. But what do they waste our taxpayer dollars and limited legislative and media attention on: Making something illegal that is already illegal in our state.

Give it a rest, you've been elected to do a job for the people, please get to it.

Ed Ridpath

Not simply a waste, but a multi-million dollar appropriation

I've linked to it before, but I'll do it again.

The cost of putting this amendment on the ballot to the state is in the millions - whether people vote for it or not. That's the legislature's own research staff's estimates.

Holding a referendum costs money - money that could be going to programs in this budget crisis.


Lavender love

What a thrill to wake up to Lavender BlueNC this morning. Thank you Betsy. It is indeed the perfect response to the anti-family, anti-freedom Republicans who want to institutionalize discrimination in the North Carolina Constitution.

I didn't. I stole it from Daily Kos

and broke the link when I posted. I'll go back and dig up the attribution. Sorry about that.

ways to defend and protect marriage

What could work and what doesn't:

{Please note that I am not supporting all the ideas, just looking at it from my 24 years of marriage to my one and only husband, my life experience, and a glance around the world at how other countries do it.}

What works:

Raise the age of marriage. People who are 25 can make better partner choices and have more education than 18 year olds.

In addition to blood tests: mental health evaluations. Boy, I personally know a lot of divorces THIS would have prevented!

Along the same lines: Marriage licenses issued only to people who can pass a written test that shows the ability to balance a checkbook. Hey, if marriage is a "privilege and not a right" then let's set some basic skill level!

Contraceptive counseling. Okay, starting at puberty is ideal, but at least when people get married, sit them down and extol the joys of adjusting to married life before filling the house with extra added stresses.

Criminal penalties for domestic violence that include mandatory notification of future spouses. Well, what is the down side?

Making interference in a marriage by in-laws a misdemeanor. Hard to enforce, I know.

What does not work:

Preventing my neighbors from getting married, when they live together, own a home, are upstanding members of the community, and are role models for my son. Just because they are the same gender.

Anyone else?

unfortunately Stam and Forrester were joined by these "leaders"

Religion-based bigotry was in action yesterday as two of the state's Catholic bishops joined the dog-and-pony show for the cameras to declare their support for a marriage amendment. (N&O):

North Carolina's two Roman Catholic bishops joined dozens of religious leaders, conservative state lawmakers and traditional-values activists seeking an amendment to the state constitution banning gay marriage. Bishop Michael Burbidge of Raleigh and Peter Jugis (JEW'-gis) of Charlotte attended a news conference at the Legislature in Raleigh on Tuesday.

I also love this quote, from another article:

Jugis, speaking on behalf of Burbidge, stressed that the push for a constitutional ban was not intended to disparage the "homosexually driven." Rather it was to affirm and celebrate the sacred bond of marriage between man and woman.

WTF? More in my BlueNC diary and at the Blend. I also promoted Betsy's diary on my blog about BlueNC's Lavender Lobbyist Day. :)

Pam Spaulding
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Thanks for the promotion!

Huge honor to be on The Blend's front page. :)

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

catholic bishops

Can't enforce their own flock from divorce. Do people want Bible-based marriage? Then, let's outlaw divorce.

If marriage is a legal contract - and since people have to go to a courthouse to get a license, I assume that is the legal definition - then there is no reason to enshrine into our constitution that mature, law-abiding adults cannot enter into a contract.

If Forrester wants to assert that it is a privilege, then he needs to give me, a heterosexual, married, never divorced woman, a good reason why he is FINE with child molesters, murderers, rapists, and domestic abusers having that "privilege" and yet other adults of the m-l.a.(mature, law-abiding) variety being prevented from that privilege.

And, no, just because he thinks it is "icky" is not a reason. He is a family physician. I am sure he has seen plenty that he thought was icky that he did not strive to make illegal.

Let's keep religion out of the marriage contract entirely.

Unless a couple chooses to marry within the confines of religion.

That way the Bishops, and all other religious folk of their ilk can control (or try to, anyhow) the behavior and marriages of their co-religionists.

The rest of us don't have to be bothered by this nonsense.

here are the co-sponsors of SB 272

Pam Spaulding
Durham, NC USA

Pam's House Blend


They're too busy patting each other on their homophobic backs to be ashamed. They're actually proud of what they're doing. The shame won't show up until their great grandchildren get into high school and have to hide the fact that Me-maw and Pe-paw were flaming bigots.

Absolutely Shameful.


I will personally fund and help run the campaign for anyone that's willing to step up to one of these "Democrats" in 2010. It's about time we start sending these assholes down the primary gauntlet.

late night rant>

Thanks BlueNC!

I got a real kick out of finding a lavender NC.

Next week I head up to Boston to get married, leaving behind the many friends and family that couldn't come because I couldn't get married in the state I was born, raised, & pay taxes in, and I would have much preferred spending all the money that goes into a wedding in my home state than out of state.

But I guess some conservatives have their priorities on expanding government until it reaches even deeper into our personal lives.

Congratulations, Jake!

Marriage isn't always easy, but being joined with the person you love most in the world is - well - awesome. Remember that there will be ups and downs, but now you won't be alone. :)

Best Wishes!