Weekend woundup


this is what happens when...

you have 'yes men' in your cabal and not a true pr person. hopes he keep taking their advice :-)

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True enough

Not to mention the fact that Deputy Assistant Governor McCrory is the ultimate anti-intellectual "yes man" himself.

Imagine a so-called leader who's pushing for "strategic infrastructure planning" in an administration he won't allow planners to use scientific data about accelerating sea level changes.

Put The General In Charge?

Ass.Gov Pat: " Hey! I got a brilliant idea!"

Gov Art: "Huh! WTF are you talking about?"

Ass Gov Pat: " Lets put a General in charge of our Police State, after all we are part of the Corporate Military-Industrial Complex"

Gov Art: " Sounds good to me! You got one in mind?"

Ass Gov Pat: " Sure! Remember that dumb Fu## General that the Republican control Wake County Educational Board hired a couple of years ago, who finally tossed in the Towel, when he prepose using M-1 Abrams Battle Tanks as School Buses to move White Kids around Wake County!"

Gov Art: " Well! Hire the Sucker and put him in charge of Dentention Camps to locked up those Great Architect Black Panthers Communists on the UNC-CH Basketball team"

Ass Gov Pat:" Done!In fact! He is calling in a Air Jordan strike today on the Dean Dome"

Gov Art: " I love it when a military plan comes together"

Gov. Pope will pay people to

Gov. Pope will pay people to laugh at DAG McCrory's piss-poor jokes...