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My view

Republicans are extremists at heart. As we learned with their dear leader, they don't understand principles of moderation and compromise. They have pushed an obscure rule to the point of absurdity, grinding government to a standstill.

If Democrats remain hogtied for the next 10 months, no legislation of any significance will be achieved, and they will put at risk everything on Obama's agenda. More to the point, our nation will fall into the hands of people hell bent on sustaining a culture of class privilege and racial injustice.

No one cares what I think about this, but I'm going to say it anyway.

Resurrect a bill in the Senate with a robust public option in place. Tell the R's we want an up or down vote, simple majority. If they obstruct, go nuclear. End the filibuster and pass Medicare For All. That simple.

Send that idea to our congresspeople/senators/prez

This says it all, doesn't it, James???

The truth is that the United States already uses single-payer systems to cover over 47 percent of all medical bills through Medicare, Medicaid, the Veterans Administration, the Department of Defense and the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

And, ask the people that are covered under these government programs. What do the majority think?

It is, again, a "no-brainer".

Repubs are fighting everything and anything with regard to government involvement in our country's health care, but they are just doing so for political reasons. So far, that strategy for them because of their rhetoric, is working.

No ...

.. but actually make the opposition filibuster, have them get on the floor and talk. Stop the procedural filibuster.

I never meant to say that the Conservatives are generally stupid. I meant to say that stupid people are generally Conservative. I believe that is so obviously and universally admitted a principle...
John Stuart Mill 1866

Here's the deal:

A real filibuster is when a bill is actually presented on the floor, and the opposition has to continue an active debate to postpone a vote. Meaning, they have to have someone continually standing at the podium babbling. The longest on record was Strom Thurmond's 24 hour rant against civil rights legislation.

What's happening now is the Democrats are caving without making the Republicans actually filibuster, which is a mistake. Now merely the threat of a filibuster is achieving a hell of a lot more than the action ever did.

Thanks - didn't mean to hit and run

Trying to get a little work done.

Exactly what you said - show the public what the opposition stands for / against.

It's easy to paint Dems as failures by opposition as things stand.

I never meant to say that the Conservatives are generally stupid. I meant to say that stupid people are generally Conservative. I believe that is so obviously and universally admitted a principle...
John Stuart Mill 1866

Oh, okay, got it

In other words, if they threaten the filibuster, call their hand.

Works for me !! And, the longer they do that, the more we can use that as a "talking point" and the more our more favorable press can present it as just a "tactic".

Good thinkin'.

the man on the street

But the poor guy on the street is thinking, "I sent President Obama up there with a super majority and his administration can't seem to get anything done. They blame their failure on the Republicans who obstruct everything. So what good was that super majority in the first place? If we elect Democrats and they can't pass legislation when they control Washington, what good are they? I mean, if the Democrats are going to spend their time whining then I'll vote somebody in who will actually do something. Something is wrong when you have the votes but don't pass anything."

This word brought to you by an average, dumb voter.

P.S. Why did not the Democrats obstruct Bush when he started the war in Iraq? If the Repubs can obstruct why can't the Dems obstruct?

No spin needed

Popular anger over the bailout of big financial institutions, the high unemployment rate and Wall Street bonuses could work to the advantage of Democrats as they head into the midterm elections, particularly if they manage to portray Republicans as obstructing reform.

Portray? They ARE obstructing reform, there's no "portray about it."


And yet, the repubs have been successful at "demonizing" the expression..."the party of NO".

Where are our strategists???? Where are our media consultants??? The repubs have FAR better "spin doctors" than democrats have, it seems. Time to get down and dirty, in my book.

Thank you, Senator Shelby

If the Democratic Senate doesn't go nuclear over Shelby's dangerous and unprecedented hold on Obama appointees, they are handing our nation to a rogue band of vigilantes

Democrats must stand up to this abuse, and use it as an opportunity to finally change the system that has stood in the way of achieving so many of our national priorities. This is their moment. They cannot let it slip by.

The "hold"

If there is anything more unimaginably anti-democratic (small "d") than the Senate rule which allows any single member to place an indefinite "hold" on a presidential nominee, I have a hard time thinking of it.

The "hold" makes the "filibuster" look like populism.

Dan Besse

Of course we should

Right before Democrats blow up the Senate using the hand grenade he's given us. If we miss this opportunity, we are totally not worthy of being in the majority.

Many opportunities have been missed

"If we miss this opportunity, we are totally not worthy of being in the majority."

Many opportunities have already been missed and many more will be missed. It is the nature of politics. Who is worthy of being in the majority? As far as I am concerned the jury is still out. I have heard plenty of talk from the current administration and I am waiting for the results to catch up.

Paralyzed US Senate: Snow filibuster

A great column by Gail Collins in the Times.

There is a stupendous lack of real enthusiasm in the Senate for doing anything as dramatic as eliminating the senators’ right to stop things. Some experts think Joe Biden, as presiding officer, could get rid of the filibuster by issuing a ruling when a new Congress assembles next January. The vice president’s office indicated that Biden would be happy to get going on that project the very second hell freezes over.

Ms. Collins seems to think Democrats and Republicans alike enjoy being unable to actually do anything. She's probably right.

Two options on healthcare:

Pass a good bill with the public option through budget reconciliation in the Senate (only takes 50 votes), or yes, call the Repubs bluff and make them filibuster.

I couldn't agree with you guys more. The Senate Dems are scared of their own shadows.