Weekend wound up: Wreck the economy edition

Here's some good news. The Republican economy sucks so bad that it's almost mathematically impossible for us to slip into another technical recession.

But that won't stop the GOP from trying.


One demand

Elaine Marshall

should be our Elizabeth Warren.

Speaking of


"North Carolina Secretary of State Elaine Marshall addresses the "Occupy Raleigh" crowd (WTVD Photo/ Mat Mendez)"


Occupy Wall Street event begins in Raleigh

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- After almost a month, the occupation of Wall Street has become quite a spectacle.

On Saturday, that spectacle reached North Carolina, as Occupy Raleigh launched its first major protest at the State Capitol.

By early afternoon, a group estimated at more than 500 people had gathered at and around the State Capitol. About 100 or so broke off and led a march around 1 p.m.