Weekend wound up: What a year!

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Some would even say that 2008 was the beginning of the end. Then again, some would say almost anything.


This, I would say

it is the beginning of the next step that we all take together.

Sure, that is as absolutly cliche' as a statement can be, however the reality of the words ring clear to me.

Now please, do not let a day go by that you don't remind anyone and everyone how important it is that we remember what has recently happened to our country and our world, and how only WE can make the next step forward a step in the correct direction.

North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!

The Devil make me do it?

" IS OBAMA THE DEVIL WHOSE TIME HAS COME?" * Christian info site

Maybe! But this is the same site that ask " Is John McCain the Devil in a dress?" Or their lastest charge...." Is Sara Palin the Anti-Christ and is a male dog sledder in drag"

" In the end times, rumors will abound about whether Jesus has return or the Devil has repented and the Anti-Christ is really the Pope in a San Francisco Bath House robe?" * 1 st Venus, reverse pagan bible......chapter 1, verse 1