Weekend wound up: Recommended reading

From The Atlantic. Between 1971 and 2008, real income declined for the bottom 90%. All the growth went to the top 10%, and more than half went to the top percentile. The remarkable gains of the broadly-defined "middle class" in the middle of this century stopped cold in the last quarter of the 1900s.

From the Pew Center. Not only has the lower class grown, but its demographic profile also has shifted. People younger than 30 are disproportionately swelling the ranks of the self-defined lower classes.1 The shares of Hispanics and whites who place themselves in the lower class also are growing.

From Forbes. The attitudes of the majority in this country are shifting towards tolerance. Gay marriage ought to be a right. This is a civil rights issue still unsettled sixty years after Martin Luther King led a movement to free blacks and other minority groups from state sponsored discrimination.

From Asbury Park Press. The real war on women is not a figment of the female imagination, but a factual and easily documented series of laws, policies, proposals and ignorant, hateful remarks.


Why would a woman want to have an abortion?

Worth reading.

In my experience with women who have had abortions, not one of them "wants" to have that experience. Sort of like no one wants to have a root canal or a colonoscopy. They chose to have an abortion because the consequences of not choosing it were dire. That has nothing to do with wanting. It has everything to do with self-preservation.

She is an idiot

My daughter and eldest son both worked 30-40 hours per week while attending college, and they both graduated with massive student loan debts.

I don't want to sound ageist, but as long as we send people to Washington (and Raleigh) who base their decisions on shit that happened to them a half-century ago, we'll never be able to solve today's problems.