Weekend wound-up open thread . . . with link to Lisa Sorg

I "un-stickied" Lisa's live-blogging session, which moved it down the list quite a bit. You can find the lively discussion here.


Good news this week for US Senate 2008 races

Very-popular former Gov Warner (D) has announced he'll run for the open senate seat in Virginia. Some are saying he's a shoe-in.
Also, former gov Shaheen (D) from NH has said she'll run against Sununu in New Hampshire...a state that's trending bluer all the time.

Nice to hear this!

Great new reviews of UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT

Lisa Sorg seems to have been the only fair writer over there on the Duke case. Not like some of those other lynch mob sillies. Anyway, the Greensboro News-Record has a review of the above book today: "..should be on reading lists at Duke and throughout Durham, but it may be the last thing people there want to talk about." (Doug Clark). The New York Times Sunday book review due to review the book this weekend. - Joe Tynan (jtlooking@aol.com)