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NCDP email

With North Carolina’s unemployment rate at 10.8 percent, you would hope that Republican Richard Burr wouldn’t be so cavalier about the plight of struggling families.

But when asked why he voted against extending unemployment benefits, Burr said: “I think the American people are more concerned about getting a job than getting a check.”

Unemployment benefits are more than just a “check”. They are the life line that keeps families in their homes and food on the table until times are better. It is money that puts gas in the car so displaced workers can drive to interviews or to community colleges for retraining.

North Carolinians need a U.S. Senator who won’t cut the safety net from underneath them for political posturing. But what can you expect from a politician whose answer to the financial crisis is to tell his wife to withdraw their money from the ATM?

Holding up this legislation is downright shameful.

Courtesy of Kerra Bolton.


Hey Kerra, is there a policy

Hey Kerra, is there a policy at NCDP that prohibits you and others from posting this sort of thing yourself here at BlueNC?

Hey James, there is no such

Hey James, there is no such policy. I would be happy to post things on BlueNC. My concern was that bloggers usually hate it when you post press releases. I send them to you as food for thought.

Great ... thanks!

I'd welcome regular posts of releases, statements, news, etc., from the NC Democratic Party. I know some bloggers don't like that practice, but for me it is a valuable contribution.

Thanks, Kerra. Happy weekend.

mea culpa

Correction: Burr did not vote against the extension of unemployment benefits as I previously stated.

The bill has not come up for a vote yet.

However, his comments in the Roll Call story earlier this week that “Americans want a job, not a check” were still insensitive to the millions of Americans who count on unemployment benefits while they are job searching or going to community colleges for retraining.

He must have caught some heat for it because Burr told the Statesville Landmark & Record in a story today that he plans to vote for the bill in the aptly titled article “Burr now represents ‘all 100 counties’ of North Carolina in decisions”.

In summary, I may be a political operative. I may think that Burr does not understand the plight of working families in North Carolina. But I didn’t mean to misrepresent the situation.

No worries

Burr is every bit as out of touch as Dole was.

Is Burr's ego really this big?

That anyone would feel compelled to make such a self-absorbed statement is mind-boggling. Does he really thing any of this has anything to do with him keeping or not keeping his seat?

Oh the sacrifice!

"If I was somehow magically given a chance to turn it around and not keep my seat," he said, "I would do it without hesitation."

Global Warming?

James, there is just so much disagreement in the U.S. about "Global warming" that personally, I hate it that articles like the one you've linked uses that term. "Climate Change" fits the liberal agenda far more than "Global Warming". I'm amazed this link actually uses that term. We've seen over 9 years of non-warming years on mother earth and are even seeing record cooling these days. Much of it, per many scientists, is because of a lack of "sun activity".

I acknowledge that there is a certain amount of "climate change" because of CO2 gas emissions and so forth (don't get me wrong), and I am absolutely certain that our air today is much less clear than it was centuries ago because of man. I am not arguing that perspective. But, hopefully the green folks and the environmentalists rid themselves of the "global warming" tag. It just does not fit and it is just too easy to argue against with scientific data.


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I'm sorry I'm not around much

I've been saving everything on my computer to an external hard drive in preparation for getting a new logic board in my iMac. I've also had a really, really bad headache. It's the first bad migraine I've had since we moved out here to the boonies. I'm not sure what triggered it but I can't shake the danged thing.

Love the piano stairs. I saw that on facebook and copied the link to my page. Glad James found the embed code to include it here.

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