Weekend Wound Up: Open thread

I hereby declare my weekend underway, and believe me, I'm ready for it. After spending the week in mortal combat with the Navy, the Theocrats, the Mainstream Media, and the Greeders, it's good to take a deep breath and regroup.

What's up with you?

PS For those interest in all things statistical, BlueNC hit 10,000 unique visitors in January as of today!


Speaker Hackney got off on

Speaker Hackney got off on the right foot this afternoon by releasing Ann Lassiter's $75,000 history of the House.

At 23 pages, the taxpayers of North Carolina paid 3k per page. Check it out here

I have heard some people say that this particular scandal was the straw that broke the camel's back for Black- if you read it you will see why.

My personal favorite is pg. 6, where she does a full page quote from the Who.

Good move, Joe

but OMG, what a piece of nothing this document is. I can think of a dozen UNC undergrads who could have done ten times better as a class project in the J-school.

Crappy writing, too.

I thought you were joking...

My personal favorite is pg. 6, where she does a full page quote from the Who.

Holy effin' shiite. A's right, even students wouldn't try to pull that off.

thats it????

This would not have been an acceptable paper in any class I have taken going all the way back to about 9th grade.

I could have done the same thing in about a week for under a 1000 dollars, including gas money. Disgusting.

I was quiet for a long time about Jim Black. After reading this I have one question, can the state house impeach one of its own members?

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Dole's challenger, UNC basketball, sitting by the fire

Yes, thank the good Lord for the weekend! I'm ready to gossip more about who will run against Dole (Easley, Miller, Hagan, Martin, others?) while watching the Tarheels beat up on Arizona. Maybe I'll make the game more interesting by tellig my 'redder' friends that I've heard the Wildcats basketball team sings the Star Spangled Banner in Spanish and support gay marriage.

With the cold weather, I think sitting by the warm fire is in order. Or maybe I'll head over to Shearon Harris and bask in the glow of the 10,000 years of radioactive trash we've created.

Time to turn down the thermostat,


my weekend

started a few hours before yours. its already included one two hour nap. Very exciting.

Im hoping kos does another post about our "esteemed" senior senator. maybe this time he will mention bluenc.

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He never mentions BlueNC

That's okay. We seem to be doing just fine without him.

Hope you get lots of rest this weekend.

Tag you're it

I added a BlueNC tag to his post

You Keep Me Up at Night

As I lie snuggled under my quilts and praying for Spring ...

I keep waking up and wondering ... the things I ponder late at night in my bed are such:

1) Why. Who benefits from the blatant land grab that is OLF?
Having known many pilots in my younger days, I know nothing strikes fear in their hearts like the word 'Birdstrike'.

Why - knowing that it isn't a matter of 'if' but 'when' - why would the Navy insist on putting a landing field in the middle of a wildlife refuge for very large migrating waterfowl?

The only logical conclusion I can come to is that someone wants the land. I've seen first hand what happens to 'surplus' military sites. They go on the auction block - eventually.

2) Dorothea Dix - Way back when ... it seems I read something in the paper that the property that is Dorothea Dix was to be used for the mentally ill in perpetuity.

I read a lot about 'parks' and 'open space' and 'mixed use' 'condos' and 'retail' but I never hear a word about what facility can take the place of Dorothea Dix in caring for and sheltering the mentally ill among us. Why is that do you suppose?

This is also a valuable piece of land. Who benefits from these 'retail/office park/open space' transfers?

It's all about the money, isn't it?

Those who have - want more, those who don't have - are doomed to do without.

It keeps waking me up at night.

my weekend

Burr really voted against the minimum wage? Does that seem like a tv ad writing itself?

I don't follow enough local stories(why I come here to read) - I am hooked on the live blogging of the Scooter Libby trial over at firedoglake.com - they explain things the way most other news stories don't.(Seriously for Plame-obsessed, though!) I am glad to have the weekend off from the trial - Chinese class homework and a messy house, and, oh, my seven year old would like to see my eyes once in awhile.

As for Daily Kos mentioning you, I will keep that in mind when I post comments. I can't slam Markos, though - his family sent me a Christmas card. What does it say that 90% of my cards came from blog buddies this year?(Please, don't answer that!)


I have trouble paying attention to the trial. I have little faith that anyone who deserves to go to jail will do so, and if they do the punishment wont be for the crime they really committed. sigh.

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Spoiler Alert

Twenty-three pages of amazing prose replete with odd choices of capitalization, some noun-verb problems and a few tense shifts here and there.
The ending is sad even as it tries to be hopeful.

"That beauty has long been destroyed by politics. Like so many other places where people work, there is coldness, an impersonal lifestyle that has taken over."


I see a great big ad and the words 'Chapel Hill'.
I know you wrote more than that.

above the ad

Navel-Gazer's Couch

I read with amusement Allan Jefferys' recent column (Jan. 19) where he wondered, ad nauseum, if he's a conservative.
Perhaps The Pilot should consider printing columns that add value to public discourse instead of providing a psychiatrist's couch for reactionary navel-gazing.

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I started writing my "Why I think Elizabeth Dole will lose in 2008" diary. Its quickly becoming a very long post. Stay tuned.

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