Weekend wound up: Hey Mr. McRmoney!

Dear Pat McCrory,

Earlier this week, we asked if you could please explain something. We wanted to know how you will execute your campaign promise to do strategic infrastructure planning under a new law that forbids scenario modeling related to sea-level rise.

Are you not answering because (1) you don't have an answer, (2) you're afraid to tell the truth, or (3) you're an arrogant Republican with no sense of responsibility for communicating with citizens who disagree with you?

Come on, Mitt Jr.
It's time to man up.


Mitt Jr.

Pat McCrory is every bit as sketchy and secretive as Mitt Rmoney, but who's calling him to account? The Capital Press Corpse has given the guy an EZ Pass.

His recent flirtations with the Tea Party aside,

I would assume McCrory would be put out by any restrictions on long-term planning, the sea level rise bill included. But considering what's at stake, it would be reckless to assume a Governor McCrory would revert back to the smart planner he was.

p.s. sorry I haven't been as engaging as I'd like to be, but this heat has been brutal. It's been between 95 to 100 degrees inside my office for several weeks now. I don't have much time to plop down in my chair anyway, but still. On the plus side, I'm down to a svelte 195 lbs...