Weekend wound up and open thread


I was a boy once

and my wife would say I still am sometimes. I've raised both a son and daughter, both are the best thing that ever happened to me. He's now a social worker, she's learning to be a chef. Now I'm pretty much an old man.


Put this in the category of weird. And it definitely supports my view that bloggers should be bloggers. That's why I try my best to communicating in public and transparently.

More worrisome, though, it the charge of cyber-stalking. If it's really against the law to annoy Dr. Mary Johnson, it out to be against the law to be annoyed by her, too. Where can I file charges?

Blogwars or Spamwars?

It seems to be a debate about sending specific emails to email accounts rather than blogs.

Didn't Virginia or the federal government prosecute someone for spamming in the past few years?

For threats of violence, I'm pretty sure NC's regular ole "communicating threats" statute would apply regardless, and in addition, to any new cyber-statute.


That's right - not blog wars

Although it's probably not spamwars either. From what I read, Johnson responded to his emails and participated in the conversation willingly. Seems she got tired of it though, and decided to play the victim. Plenty of fault on both sides.