Weekend wound up


The mosquito thing...

made me think of a good political attack ad back when I first heard the story about the funding cut on NPR prior to the hurricane. Looks like it is even more relevant now but the limp (expletive deleted)s of the NCDP probably wouldn't do it.

Cue the sinister music, scary voice guy leads in with "Republicans in the NCGA want you to die from West Nile Virus. To them your safety and well being was not worth a penny."

Probably never happen though. I was discussing this with my wife when we heard the first story on NPR and she said the Dems shouldn't stoop to their level (i.e. run the negative ads like the Republicans love to do). I say (expletive deleted) it. I see only two choices going forward, take the high road and lose or take them on and play their game. It seems to be the only thing that resonates with the electorate today. I think it is unfortunate that our politics have resorted to this but it is what it is.

Looks like

the new NC GOP mosquito management plan.