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Once a week is good enough for the legislature

From the linked article:

At Reynolds, the pledge had been a part of homeroom. This year, however, the school made scheduling changes so students are in homeroom just once a week, said Jan Blunt, director of communications for Buncombe County Schools.

This implies to me that the kids are saying the pledge once a week instead of daily.

Once a week is the standard the General Assembly uses for the pledge. The honorables say it on the first day of the week they are in session, and then not again until the next week.

If that standard is good enough for the honorables, it's good enough for high school kids.

Here's my proposed weekly schedule:
Monday: Reciting the US pledge,
Tuesday: Reciting amendments 1-5 of the US constitution,
Wednesday: Reciting amendments 6-10 of the US constitution,
Thursday: Reciting article IX, section 9 of the NC constitution,
Friday: Reciting the year in which each of the above was written and how often it has been changed


Why bother?

Most of the wealthiest people are betting against the USA when they oursource, use offshore accounts, use tax dodges, etc. Our Congress bets against the country when they allow all the crooks to run Wall St, favor tax breaks to build overseas, waste the lives of our military on useless wars, and so forth. None of the elite groups would encourage their children to volunteer for fighting our endless wars which they have endorsed. So why bother with being phony about some words promising allegiance to our homeland?

My sentiments exactly

I pledge allegiance to the dollar of the United States of America, and to the corporations for which it stands, one free market, under Adam Smith's Invisible Hand, with unlimited money and power for the rich.