Weekend wound up


Happy to give

Happy to give a shout-out to Scrutiny Hooligans this weekend, an excellent blog indeed.

Take a look.

Friday Afternoon Music: The World Is Not Enough

The band Garbage did this James Bond movie theme right.


I know how to hurt
I know how to heal
I know what to show
And what to conceal

I know when to talk
And I know when to touch
No one ever died from
Wanting too much

The world is not enough
But it is such a perfect
Place to start
My love
And if you´re strong enough
Together we can take the world apart
My love

People like us
Know how to survive
There´s no point in living
If you can´t feel alive

We know when to kiss
And we know when to kill
If we can´t have it all
Then nobody will


I feel safe
I feel scared
I feel ready
And yet unprepared


The world is not enough
The world is not enough
No, nowhere near enough

The world is not enough