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But none of that really matters

What REALLY matters is letting women die in hospitals that don't want to provide abortions because they are, um, pro-life. It's astounding how these WORMs* can twist themselves into logical pretzels just so they can force women to breed.

* White Old Rich Men

"She may not veto this bill"

Via email from Representative Insko:

The debate on the House floor on Tuesday lasted 3 hours with Democrats pointing out the many flaws to the bill, including that the bill is meaningless to North Carolinians. The ACA is a federal law already moving through the federal courts. HB2 adds nothing to the current debate. Rep. Joe Hackney giving the most direct challenge to the bill by pointing out that it gave people the freedom to have other people pay for their health care.

Democrats lost by a vote of 64 to 50, along party lines. The good news is that 50 votes in the House are enough to sustain a veto by the Governor. She may not veto this bill; but other critical issues will come up that she surely will veto: requiring voter ID; repeal of the Racial Justice Act, repeal of comprehensive sex education, a constitutional amendment that marriage can only be between a man and a woman, the budget, etc. The Senate doesn’t have the votes to sustain a veto; the House does – if we can hold the votes. HB2 demonstrated that we can.

Bev is already working hard to be a one-term governor. Failing to stand against Republican insanity isn't going to help her reelection changes in the slightest.

HB 2 and the veto; vote expected in Senate Tuesday

At least Insko will communicate with you: I tried to discuss this at the NCGA Thursday with Rep. Insko, as another member of the House who did discuss says there are the votes to sustain a veto on HB 2. Insko said she was too busy to talk.

Rep. Rosa Gill of Raleigh told me that not only will the Dems not cross over, but two GOP House members voted with the Dems this week.

Frankly, I am still less optimistic than Gill, but she is in a better position to know than I.

More on this when I can determine who could have been the two GOP members. I picked up a copy of the vote from the Principal Clerk's office to look over and figure out the vote's results by party.

Martha Brock

There seem to be some misleading statements in this subthread

Just to be clear...

1) The governor cannot veto a constitutional amendment unless the bill is written to contain statutory changes (see the difference between the Tax Increment Financing amendment of 2004 and the No Felons As Sheriff amendment of 2010). I'm not sure why Rep. Insko would reference that.

2) All recorded votes are available online at www.ncleg.net
Here is the vote for H2. There's no need to go to the Principal Clerk's office.

3) 50 votes may not be enough to sustain a veto depending on members present and voting in a chamber. See Article II of the constituition (or a comment below).


Confused: What Constitutional Amendment?

Not HB2. What, then?

And I went to the Principal Clerk's office because I was there, and it was easy. Glad others can find things on the NCGA web site easier than I can.

Did you figure out who the two Repubs are that voted for HB 2 also?

Martha Brock

Too much confusion here

In the comment from James that began this subthread, Rep. Insko mentions things the governor should veto -- including a constitutional amendment. That's not really a possibility unless the bill is written in a particular way. For example, the eminent domain amendment as it is currently written is not subject to a veto.

I think you mean which 2 Dems voted for H2. They were Brisson and Crawford (at this link).


No, I meant two House Repubs voted against HB2

That is what Rep. Gill said on Thursday. Perhaps there was some vote swapping or "pairing" going on that I was not told about or aware of.

Will check into that possibility, too. That would explain Brisson and Crawford's votes as well as two GOP members crossing over. I am not surprised at Crawford's vote, but I am curious about Rep. Brisson's.

Martha Brock

No House Repubs voted against H2

The votes are here and here.

The House does not allow pair voting and never has (at least for the last several decades). Now, the Senate doesn't either.

As you can see, 3 House Repubs didn't vote at all.


Primary observation from first full week of NC General Assembly

NCGOP = Fiscal Irresponsibility

First, the NCGOP in the House wants to waste money on a lawsuit that is already underway. Here's the fiscal note on the bill.

See the part that says "Indeterminate" on the fiscal note?

That means they don't know how much it will cost.

No matter what you think about the federal health care bill, it is indisputable fact that it is already subject to multiple lawsuits in multiple jurisdictions. Why in the world should NC taxpayers throw money away at something that is already headed straight for the US Supreme Court?

Over in the NC Senate, the new GOP leadership can't even write a bill with the proper amounts adjusting the current year's budget. Senator Stevens had to object to third reading of his own bill to have corrections made to it because they don't know how much money they can legally touch.

If the GOP Senate would have left the bill in it's original form, it could be on the Governor's desk by now and the state could be saving the $400 million the Governor has identified. Instead, we've got the GOP stopping the Governor from acting for another week.

Now we have another story about this voter ID-system nonsense being pushed by the NCGOP. I've written here before about the cost of setting up a new government-ID system. Some other bloggers followed.

But finally the rest of the state is paying attention to the completely avoidable cost of this new GOP program.

Verdict from the first full week at the General Assembly?
NCGOP = Fiscal Irresponsibility


A Correction James on Veto Override

Just a technical correction James:

Article II, Section 22.1 of the State Constitution requires a 3/5 vote in each chamber to override a governor's veto.

In the House that means 72 votes, and in the Senate 30 votes. Art Pope's party has the votes in the Senate. Pope is 4 short in the House before he can fulfill his dream of putting NC into republian hands for generations to come.

This is why I have been harping on keeping the democratic House caucus together when it comes to Voter ID, DOM, etc. We can piss and moan about the GOP all day, but the focus to prevent a complete sinking of this state lies with Governor Perdue and the democrats in the House.

Michael J. Gould, MS, FIOPL
Member, SEANC Board of Governors
Member, NDP SEC

Clarification to your correction

Article II, Section 22.1 states

...If after such reconsideration three-fifths of the members of that house present and voting shall agree to pass the bill, it shall be sent, together with the objections and veto message, to the other house, by which it shall likewise be reconsidered; and if approved by three-fifths of the members of that house present and voting, it shall become a law notwithstanding the objections of the Governor.

Emphasis mine.


Present and Voting

Your right about the present and voting, but I maintain my stance that if the House Caucus stands together, and does what it was elected and paid to do which is VOTE, then the GOP, by themselves, cannot override a governor's veto.

Since a moderate republican in this country has been deemed extinct, then we must understand that we are not as weak as one would think. If we can strengthen Governor Perdue to stand strong to her democratic values AND the House Caucus under Leader Hackney remains united, then we have the ability to retake the General Assembly in 2012.

As Democrats, we have not done a good job in relating to real people and their fears, hopes, and dreams. We like to wrap ourselves up in platforms and resolutions. We like to sit around enjoying our power and prestige, yet we seldom go out into our communities and neighborhoods and talk to REAL people, people who have to get up each day, get the kids ready for school, juggle jobs (if they have one), worry about health care bills and college tuitions.

In most areas of this state, and throughout the country, neither a D or an R can win without Independent voters. They don't give a damn about party politics, conventions, and platforms. Yet we forget who we claim to serve, the hard working men and women who live next door.

So Present and Voting? I expect the 52 Democratic House members to do just that, and remember who they serve and what we Democrats claim to believe in.

Michael J. Gould, MS, FIOPL
Member, SEANC Board of Governors
Member, NDP SEC