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What's your take on the tax cuts?

I loved this comment on the Kos diary. My sentiments exactly:

As one of the top 2%, I don't even understand why the Republicans want to extend the tax cuts for the wealthy. I don't need a little more money. What I NEED is for my just-out-of-college children to find jobs. I also WOULD LIKE everyone in my town to have a home, food, and a decent living. I would like there to be snowplows on the roads in winter. Even if I didn't care about social justice, but were motivated only by personal greed, I would want these things, since I would be personally better off in a safe, prosperous world.

If the middle-class tax cuts have to expire to let the taxes on the wealthy go back to a decent level, that is a sad commentary on our political reality. But even if the middle class take home a little less, they might be better off if the government has revenue to do what it is supposed to do for them.

I desperately hope the Democrats don't cave on this. Let them all expire if you must.

Good question

They probably don't want to be viewed as "class traitors" by their country club pals and struck off the roster for the dinner party circuit.


At least not for state districts. Some 40 NC counties covered by the Voting Rights Act have to get federal approval for changes so it could drag out.

Any idea how that will play out

or how much leeway the GOP will have over this? (this are questions to anyone who might know)

Are those 40 counties red or blue currently?

Does the Governor get any say on US Congressional Districts in NC?

The NC General Assembly web site

Again, much info is online there -- with links too.



To answer your questions:

The new legislature will pass a plan; so the GOP has complete control in drafting it. Then someone will file a lawsuit against it. It doesn't matter if it's Dem-written or GOP-written. There hasn't been a first draft plan written in 30 years that wasn't taken to court.

The 40 counties are a mix of red and blue (see map link above).

Governor has no veto at all.