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Maybe we need to see thousands of black voters

carrying shotguns, handguns and automatic weapons ... surrounding Richard Burr's office, or maybe Larry Kissell's.

But not just blacks. Everybody who's cut out of the system today should arm up. In fact, I'm thinking of starting a new non-profit called, "Buy A Gun For Gay Guys and Gals." Or maybe "Arms for African Americans."

Isn't that what teh morons on the right want?

We don't have to guess...

Black Panthers with guns led to the creation of police SWAT units and other domestic paramilitary forces. Peaceful civil rights protests led to the creation of COINTELPRO. Therefore, in the last 50 years, African-Americans have learned that while they have daily freedom of speech, full exercise of their other constitutional rights is severely limited.


We go west for vacations every couple of years, usually to Arizona and New Mexico. As we're planning our trip for the fall, Arizona is off the list. We may have to pass through Phoenix for connections, but that's as close as we'll get to the new State of Hate.

Yep. Another boycott.

This legislation passed because Congress

has failed, and is failing, to do it's job. Citizens all along the border are having their property destroyed, fences cut, their lives threatened, and their own livelihoods and safety endangered because of drug running and coyotes running illegal immigrants across their property. None of this is new news and it is simply getting worse. If you had people people trashing your beautiful lake house property, killing your animals, and threatening your family you'd be up in arms too. It's not so simple as to scream "racist" and act as if nothing is happening except poor people seeking a better life. In my humble opinion...

Stan Bozarth

Yeah but

You don't seriously think Congress has either the wisdom or balls to address the problem effectively, do you? I can't imagine any national legislation that would change what Arizona is doing in the slightest.

The US has been fucking with other countries and peoples since day one. Our economy exploits Mexico's economy in every imaginable way. Our drug policy has created a disastrously criminal culture in Mexico, and we turn a blind eye.

We are the cause of the drug running. Paybacks are hell.

If Congress can't or won't address immigration, soon,

it will be yet another reason to conclude our government has become disastrously ineffective and useless. JUst as with an unregulated financial sector, the problems are well documented, the consequences of inaction already showcased, and the need for solutions, urgent.

Arizona's answer to the problem may not be the best answer, but at least they had the grit to do something. Perhaps it will be a catalyst for Congress to get up off it's collective dead butt and smell the coffee.

When pigs fly....

Stan Bozarth

Immigration issue votes?

I'm doing some research on immigration issues and candidates for the NC General Assembly. It's been difficult to find votes of record on relevant issues in our state legislature. However, I don't want to leave something important off the list simply because I didn't know where to look.

If anyone has a vote of record in the General Assembly (such as anything related to the community college tuition controversy) to which you can point me, I would appreciate it. Thanks.

FYI, I am looking for this info because I don't want to inadvertently recommend candidates who support immigrant-bashing policies.

Dan Besse

Here's a few, Dan

(some of these never came up for a vote, but you can look at sponsors)

From 2005:

HB 2560,




From 2007:






From 2009:




**you probably already know this, but, over on the right side of the page there's a "Search Bill Text" function. Example: 2005, "Immigrant"

If I see any others, I'll let you know.


Thanks Steve. I tried the search function earlier but didn't find a vote on the issue I was looking for on tuition and immigration status. A lot of times, the amendments don't track the original subject matter of the legislation to which they were attached, especially when they're tacked on as one more item in a sprawling budget bill. I'll check the ones you've pegged to see if any have usable votes. You don't happen to recall a specific floor vote on the community college tuition issue, do you?

Dan Besse

I'm not seeing where

any floor votes have been taken (specifically) about immigrant tuition issues. It looks like a few annual (omnibus) budget bills have included money for studies related to this, but I'm not seeing any "direct" actions taken by the entire body of the GA.

Since Committee behavior still hasn't been "sunlighted" like it should, you may need to contact some other advocacy groups who may have FOIA'd (or developed sources) to reveal who's acting for/against immigrant students.

Or maybe ask Pricey or Verla or other sponsors of HB 362 for some insider info on the helpers and the hinderers.

Thanks again.

Those studies must have been the legislative "actions" I recall from that time frame.

I'll give extra credit for the sponsors of good legislation,and if I turn up any solid info on legislators' informal roles, will take that into account as well.

Dan Besse

'immigrant' not supposed to be the same as 'illegal immigrant'

Please clarify what you mean by 'immigrant bashing.' I wasn't aware of candidates for office who are against legal immigration. Please clarify what you meant by 'immigrant' and by 'bashing.' It's actually quite vague.

And I don't believe the AZ legislation is focused on legal
immigrants, only on enforcing laws against illegal immigration.

It's also important to remember what the truth actually is: Oversimplifying an issue that has taken decades to develop only serves those who supported it's development and those who support it's continuation.

Based on the legislation and training described by Governor Brewer, these laws are apparently going to be carefully enforced by the state enforcement officials in LEGAL ways by trained people who do not HATE anyone, but are paid to enforce the laws.

We must put the blame for this, and all of the problems we are now aware of, where it belongs: On elitist, multinational, corporate-serving globalists of BOTH parties, who have undermined everyone's opportunity to make a good living in this country, have failed to protect this country's boundaries, and have created so many reasons for educated, hard working people never to trust the system as it stands again.

Don't confuse Truth with Hate. There are honorable, educated, hardworking people who are being totally undermined by the multi-generational invasion by people who have no respect for boundaries. There are legal ways to enter this country, to update work visas, etc. The state of Arizona has a gigantic problem and is going to take care of it by enforcing laws the best way it can: By checking those who are breaking the law when they dare to ENTER without permission from this state or this country.

How would YOU do it? AZ already has the Employer-Sanctions law against hiring illegals. This just continues the process for those who brazenly stand around and wait for day jobs that undermine job opportunities, full time jobs, jobs with benefits for American workers.

This country cannot do anything but damage to itself by
outsourcing and insourcing cheap labor. It changes the
idea of competition to something unsustainable. Slavery
is only attractive to those who don't care about this country's workers.

And don't forget: Those who came here
legally are against illegal immigration.

So, what exactly DID you mean by 'immigrant bashing?'


Thanks but not right now.

Thanks for the invitation to re-hash the debate over whether provisions like Arizona's new "papers please" law constitute mere neutral "law enforcement" or a flying leap onto the slide toward a police state.

I could ask you how exactly you expect local police to suspect "illegal immigrant" status other than by racial profiling, which we all know is what to expect in reality. Or I could ask whether you really want your local police pulled off real crime-fighting to stand on the corners and ask everyone for their citizenship papers--whatever those may turn out to be.

Not right now, though. I was actually asking for information, and another poster provided some.

Dan Besse


Via Ed Cone

IF you haven't listened to this, your opinions about net neutrality and broadband policy are not fully informed.

GA Leadership doesn't want immigration legislation

Dan- In the multiple conversations I've had with leaders in the General Assembly about college options for undocumented students, one thing has been very clear throughout: The GA leadership in both houses doesn't want to debate any bills that have anything to do with legislation. On a policy level they feel that the state shouldn't take any action until the Feds figure out the big picture. On a political level, they don't want divisive floor battles when other issues are more pressing and where progressive action by Democrats in the GA could result in loosing seats/majority.

For the sake of my students, I wish they'd take some pro-active action. But I agree with them that the real solutions have to be federal.

Thanks Graig.

That is certainly the impression I get. Related bills get shunted to committee, where they die as quietly as can be arranged. Leadership is afraid that anything positive they do in this area will be used by the GOPs as an election campaign hammer to rile up the nativists.

Dan Besse


Interesting semantic paradox.

heh heh heh

Sorry about the impersonal euphemism for "those in charge" there.

Dan Besse