Weekend wound up


Only candidate to take on DOMA is polling best against Burr

Elaine is the only candidate to take on DOMA repeal and is polling best against Burr. Given those 2 things, and the fact that I just had to file my taxes as single rather than married, I think she's the right candidate for the job.

My Google alert brought up a honey today

Ever since the horrible days when it looked like "W" was going to sell off big chunks of North Carolina mountains to developers, I've had a google alert set to "bush acres nc"

Today here was something sweet in the email about a NJ business who transports bees all along the Eastern coast to polinate crops.

"We’re a migratory business," said Stiles, a man unbothered by a bee crawling along his forehead as he speaks. He is New Jersey’s largest beekeeper, centered in Fords, but his hives are always on the move, from the Carolinas to the Canadian border, where they go after pollination seasons to rest and eat well.