Weekend wound up

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Let's get an early start on the weekend. Enjoy.


Update on me

I've been helping a friend on the brink of death for a couple of weeks now and will be doing so for awhile longer. It makes me wish I lived in Oregon. I won't be around much for a few days.

I haven't said this enough,

but you're a good man, James. Being there for a friend at end-of-life is a hard thing to do, but it means so much.

How bad is that

There are nut cases on both side of politics. Tea baggers and conservatives and republicans do not condone these acts of idiocy. You can try all you want to lump all of the people that disagree with many of the progressives in to the bunch that act like fools but that is an ignorant depiction. You should be ashamed of yourself for trying to do that.

I do hope your friend is doing better and is not suffering to much.