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Healthcare Reform Bill

Hello Congressman Kissell - I'm a voter that lives in NC and I wish for You Sir to Vote "YES" on the Healthcare Reform Bill. Because WE the PEOPLE of USA needs MEDICAL coverage some more then others. We all have to understand the Healthcare bill is NOT PERFECT, but tell me what is PERFECT? By Voting "YES" gives Congress an opportunity to correct some issues, change somethings, modify or whatever is needed over the years. At this time USA's living standards is dropping into a (3rd)Party Country environment. Around the world their are alot of Countries that have gov't insurance for their citizens. I know because I have lived within some foreign countries-and alot of those citizens are happy with gov't insurance. I have worked for various insurance companies -state medicaid; gov't medicare; private insures: aetna; john hancock/wellpoint and unitedhealthcare. So, I have some understanding of HEALTHCARE insurance. If USA wants to be look at as ONE of the top 3 most Powerful, Resourceful, Wealth and Healthest country then Vote "YES" on HEALTHCARE bill. We MUST start will the CITIZENS of USA to be the TOP COUNTRY. GOD Bless you Congressman Kissell & your Family.


I knew that Bob would vote

I knew that Bob would vote for the bill. I just hope it gets us to 216.

I'm a moderate Democrat.


I got a CNN news alert that the Dem Caucus chair says they have 216 votes

Update: Of course, as NPR reported yesterday, that's what was being said yesterday, so it's not exactly breaking news.