Weekend wound up


Devil's advocate here

If I am asked this question:

"Would you favor or oppose the government offering everyone a government administered health insurance plan -- something like the Medicare coverage that people 65 and older get -- that would compete with private health insurance plans?" I would probably be in the affirmative without any other considerations.

I know this is somewhat of a fair question but it does not consider what the right is saying about a plan like this eventually putting the private insurance companies out of business because of unfair competition due to the fact that the government can put private insurance companies out of business because of being able to use taxpayer's dollars to undercut rates the insurance companies offer and then if that happens, eventually health care in the U.S. will be totally something the government controls.

We must realize what the opponents of this kind of plan believe and how the banter progresses.

I absolutely do not think that is the ultimate goal, but I do think that is the concern.

Our focus should be on legislation that disallows taking away people's coverage and benefits because of pre-existing conditions and because their illnesses progress to the point that they negatively affect costs by the insurance companies. We can get that done through legislation and laws. That should be the focus of our legislators. There are tens of thousands of employees of insurance companies. There is a huge amount of tax dollars that are realized by these companies. We aren't being prudent by negatively affecting these businesses. But, we can and should make sure they do right by our populace.