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Works for car insurance

If you're an unsafe driver, you'll pay through the nose. Why not in health care? If you're unfortunate enough to have a serious accident or cancer or whatever, pay up or die? It's Free Market Magic 101. What's so hard to understand about that?


This is why companies should not be in the business of providing health insurance to their employees, their people. "Business units" are not an appropriate unit of measurement. Doesn't it make sense to start with the individual human being and build up from there? Why should "business" even be part of this discussion?

Might prevent some shady hiring and firing practices

Good thought James. I saw this more in the 1980's, but I am sure that it still exists. Small businesses were afraid they would hire someone that would get "sick" and drive up the premiums for all employees. So, there was an "unspoken" policy of not hiring anyone who was overweight, smoked, had previous health problems, etc. Heaven forbid if a cancer survivor wanted to return to work or if someone had a baby that had problems requiring multiple surgeries, etc!

People may say....that did not happen....but it did.

Also, this would help prevent employers from knowing the "health" of their employees which can lead to shady firing practices.

Ah....the benefits people do not think about.

Who's Zoomin' Who?

That article could be written about PR firms in North Carolina working with Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC -- and you probably know some of these folks.

I can barely face how the comforted continue to afflict the afflicted.

I need some Friday music that expresses my disgust in a positive way. It starts at the 40 second mark.


Comforted afflicting the afflicted

Thanks. I feel exactly the same way. I get so angry when I see people who proudly proclaim that they don't care about anyone else, when I hear of these huge insurance companies making a killing off of peoples suffering, and when I hear the utter insanity out there against Health Care Reform. I just want to shake them all and scream at them to just stop and think and consider how they would feel if they were hurting and there was no way they could get help. I have never understood inhumanity, how people could turn a blind eye, or how people could be so selfish. I have studied human history my entire life and especially took interest in the periods of history that produced Nazi's, Stalin, etc just to try to understand the how and why these things could happen. I guess it is a good thing that I still fail to understand, maybe that means that I have a good soul.

Lines for health care in US look like lines in Nicaragua in 1998

In 1998 I participated in a Mission trip to Nicaragua. Even though our trip had been planned for months, we managed to land there about 2 days after hurricane Mitch had exited the area. We worked in buildings and shacks with dirt floors. People needing care lined up with small children and stood for hours and hours. We stood on those dirt floors and worked from sun up to sun down, as there was no electricity.

Fast forward 11 years and I watch, horrified, at the same situations here in North Carolina. When a free health clinic, or dental clinic is advertised, people line up days ahead. They camp out with small children. It is hard to get the adults to receive care, as they want their children treated, even though the adults distress is obvious. I see this in the mountain counties, and I am sure it must be the same in other areas through out the state. As people have had to choose to drop their medical insurance, in order to have enough money to pay for food (or from job loss), the individuals needing free care have increased. We do have decent buildings with electricity in which to provide care, but many times there is no equipment. The hours are the same, and frequently the clinic is extended for an extra day.

Everytime I see this, I wonder, how in the HELL did we get to this place in the United States?

Private health insurance

For years I have been speaking against the practice of purging and overpricing insurance and I kept hearing folks say "oh, that can't happen" and now it is a commonly accepted fact. Health Insurance can't be compared to auto insurance simply because there are other choices to driving and we are talking about comparing cars to human lives. What's so hard about understanding that we have a moral obligation to help our fellow man and if that means creating a system to insure every citizen affordably then that is what must be done.

Medicare 2.0: H.R. 676

With the “everybody in, nobody out” approach of a Medicare 2.0 system, we can all get more freedom, choice and security.

Awesome graphic. Thanks for

Awesome graphic. Thanks for sharing some, you know, facts James!

Great graphic!

Thanks James! The graphic definately illustrates how many people will be helped by Health Care Reform. If everyone would just realize that it is a necessity.

Classic Chris Fitzsimon

On fire!

I keep thinking I need to get back to leaning on the Puppetshow for operating tactics, but it appears they're being properly dispatched under the watchful eye of Chris Fitzsimon.

He won't be able to keep it up, though, it's dirty business. Who'll pick up when he needs a break?

Clone that man!

We could use about ten thousand Wendell Potters.