Weekend wound-up

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Show slime!

From the Friday follies at NC Policy Watch:

And finally, Jeff Taylor of the Locke Foundation earns yet another mention in the fringe report with his attack this week on Sen. Lindsey Graham for suggesting that health care benefits be subject to taxation.

The title of Taylor's post is "Lindsey Graham is crazy and must be stopped," and it goes downhill form there.

Taylor begins his diatribe with this classy statement. "I swear this peckerwood is getting on my last nerve," and ends it with "Why does South Carolina keep electing this dipstick? He a sophist and a charlatan without any redeeming qualities."

It marks the latest entry in Taylor's impressive record of offensiveness as a paid staff member of a group that claims to be a credible voice in the state policy debate. He recently complained about the Charlotte Observer's editorial about immigration in a post with the headline "McClatchy whoring itself out for Latino money."

Earlier this year Taylor responded to the news that Robert Guy was leaving his job as head of the state's probation system with this. "Go to hell Robert Guy. You know you deserve it, and so does your wife. Die you worthless bastard."

They sure must be proud over there in Lockeville.

N&O looking for tube junkies

John Murawski of the N&O is working on a story about a test by Time Warner of tiered billing for Internet usage. If you live in the Triangle and are a heavy Internet user (video, gaming, etc.), please contact john.murawski@newsobserver.com with your name and phone number.

Found on Facebook.

Happy times at the Muse house tonight

Our middle schooler auditioned for a spot in the dance academy at our arts high school. There were only 20 students accepted and Emily passed the audition and was given one of the spots. I don't know that I've ever seen her so happy. So...Yay!

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

That's fantastic!

I had no idea she was a dancer! I hope she really enjoys it.

Thanks! I think she will love it

She seems to have no problem leaving her regular school pathway. She'll see most of her friends at youth group on Thursdays. She's still floating on a cloud.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.