Weekend wound-up

Swiftboating scum-bag Ted Sampley is back in the news this week, by virtue of his relationship with this asshole, who is spending his retirement from the Army harassing the NO OLF grannies in Washington, North Carolina.

Lots of people ask me why we don't make more effort to get representatives from the lunatic right-wing fringe involved at BlueNC. Whenever I'm tempted to consider the idea, I visit Ed's Place and find the latest from Big Bad Bubba. In my progressive opinion, we'd all be better off if people like Bubba would simply disappear from the face of the earth. I'm sure he would say the same about me.

In other news, to no one's surprise, the "surge" is proving to be just the latest example of George Bush's unrelenting incompetence. The surge is nothing but an expensive and deadly expansion of Whack-A-Mole, and there is no end in sight.

Finally, the N&O manages to take yet another wishy-washy stand in what would otherwise be a good editorial. Instead of stating clearly that an increase in the federal gas tax would be a smart fiscal move, they frame the issue as a question and ask Congress to "consider" doing something instead of nothing. I'm afraid Steve Ford and the gang have actually lost the ability to offer a declarative sentence that isn't hedged and hemmed and hawed into meaninglessness.

Pump it up?

Everyone is for efficiency, but fixing the road system's potholes and pitfalls takes money. Is there a better place to collect it than at the pump, where a motorist has at least some control over how much fuel he or she uses? Rather than dismissing the idea of the extra nickel, Congress and the president should consider it carefully. A long-delayed federal fuel tax increase, limited to 5 cents a gallon and aimed at bringing about a big improvement in bridge safety, would be an effective national response to the Minneapolis collapse. (Emphasis added.)

Any news from your end of the world? What's coming up in the week ahead?


This reminds me of something

I saw last year in the Puget Sound. I was taking a stroll along the banks of the Hood Canal near my sister's place, marveling at the tens of thousands of oysters (some of them huge) that littered the shoreline. I was thinking it represented an incredibly bountiful food source, when I noticed a warning sign that read something like:

"Sea life on this shore have been contaminated with a toxic virus and are inedible. Human consumption can produce violent illness."

It seems that barnacles on a freight vessel (or vessels) from Asia were contaminated and spread to local sea life. Bummer.

Bubba! He picks on children with his lazy ass lawyer buddy

I visit Ed's Place and find the latest from Big Bad Bubba. In my progressive opinion, we'd all be better off if people like Bubba would simply disappear from the face of the earth. I'm sure he would say the same about me.* A

Naw! Don't give neo-con brainless Bubba any credit. He is simply a waterboy for the Pope disinformation team. If you were to shove the Consitution of the United States into his face. He would be like Draca pulling his Blackwater cloak over his face and hissssing like Sam his neo-con lawyer buddy who appears to have no clients since he is on the net all day.....These two turkeys couldn't put a political candiate team together if their Republican neo-con life depended on it. Chance are that Bubba will disapear when his Republican neo-con Police State heros zap his ass by mistake thinking he is a useful idiot who has failed the retardation test again.

The clearest statement ever about Republican "leadership"

Several people have made the central argument that a group of people who hate government cannot be counted on to actually run the government efficiently or effectively. It's like asking an alcoholic to run a bar; you'll wonder why all the booze is gone but there are no profits.

From Bonddad.

(Of course, we all know where most of the profits are: in the pockets of corporatist criminals like Dick Cheney.)

Great to meet you last night, Jerimee!

You did a fantastic job with all that techie stuff. :)

Be the change you wish to see in the world. --Gandhi

Did I hear someone at the SEC meeting

stand up and say that he was running for Congress in the 10th district?

Did anyone else catch that or was I dreaming?

Have you called to support H. Res 333 Impeach Cheney Today? call 202-224-3121 & ask for your Congress member by name

Baptists go bye-bye

Looks like the Southern Baptist Convention is encouraging its members to get out of heathen public schools because they teach science instead of creationism. Which means we'll soon see a whole new generation of ignorant ideologues trying to push America back into the dark ages.

Maybe, but they'll soon be deciding

that they should stop paying taxes too. You know, render unto Caesar and all that.

And they might even be joining forces with the heathen Catholics and the pagan Mormons for a full-frontal assault on public education.

Good riddance, sort of ...

for a full-frontal assault on public education

Heck NCLB is doing a fine job of killing public ed as is.

Consider this - if evangelicals pull thier kids out of school to brainwa - errr ... home school them, then their kids will learn dubious information (to be kind) at least in part. They will therefore be less educated, less able to care for their families, less able to fund their own childrens' higher education and their whole way of life will become a testament o evolution. (or devolution as it were) ... and they will go the way of the dodo.
Ka-ching. High fives all around!!

(it must be getting late ...)

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

Then they'll go to jail.

and they'll be out of our way. And they won't be allowed to vote.

Oh - and I'm pagan, and Mormon's ain't.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. --Gandhi

double post

don't know how I did that.

Meanwhile, down on the Neuse River...............


BlueNC certainly does have Sampley’s number. Down in Kinston you are revered as “The man who shot Liberty Valence.”

Sampley made big promises about his boat. And yet it sits unfinished after 4 years, 8 months and 29 days. Typical Sampley. The boat sits lonely on Sampley’s “revitalized” Herritage Street covered in either pigeon crap or the spittle from Sampley’s frequent bouts of foaming at the mouth. At any rate Sampley successfully pawned the boat off on others in an effort to escape the blame for the boat’s misery. He ran from the boat so fast he looked like Alberto Gonzales. Sampley’s Vet organization that has been responsible for building this boat is probably the same group in charge of Bush’s Iraq strategy.

Sampley has been rather quiet lately. He did make an appearance on the local cable talk show, “The Reece Gardner Hour.” Reece has Sampley on every once in a while. I think it is because when Sampley is his guest Sampley makes Reece appear to be somewhat sane and lucid. Sampley is always good for a few conspiracy theories concerning the usual suspects. Watching Sampley is like watching one of Michael Vick’s dog fights but without the obvious charm. Sharing the Reece Gardner Hour with Sampley was a man who was abducted by aliens wearing red shoes and a goat who speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese.

The future of Sampley’s boat is somewhat suspect. We are hoping to use it in the sequel to “Forest Gump” or in the demolition derby at our upcoming county fair. Rumors are circulating the unfinished boat will be the new backdrop to the “Fake Van Braxton Site.“ Be on the lookout for Sampley next week on the TV show, “That’s Incredible.” He won a spot on the show for paying his taxes on time.

Thanks for remembering us down here in Kinston.