Weekend wound up

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Our friends in the business of mainstream media blogging have gotten a little snarky this week. Binker on menthol. Radiogirl on everything. Dome on opinionators.

My favorite emerging media blog: Morrill at the Charlotte Observer.


Thanks for the shout-out, James...

- and by the way, I had an interview with Dean today. It's here. I thought he was really pretty good, but I'm curious to know what you think of his answers.

Also posted: Dean's speech from this morning, along with his reporter Q&A.

Laura Leslie
(Barkeep, Isaac Hunter's Tavern)

Laura Leslie
blogger/reporter for WRAL @NCCapitol
Former Barkeep of Isaac Hunter's Tavern

Dean's smart

and practical.

He handled the Democratic Party's dismissal of its left-edge about as well as it can be handled. Ironic isn't it. The Republican Party prospers when it embraces its extremists on the right.

Oh, yes, one of our favs, for sure

I noticed that Morrill also could not resist doing his part to spread the National Enquirer story, about John Edwards.

I guess rumor, tabloid trash is credible enough "news" for Morrill to report on. Pathetic.

NCDem Amy on YouTube

When I heard that stupid rumor

I immediately listed all the male friends with whom I have had a meal at a hotel. I really must be a ho.

Can we, instead, start talking about "for the good of North Carolina?" --Leslie H.
Pointing at Naked Emperors

Leslie and dinners at hotels

You should only count the ones where you went to the basement to take the elevator rather than being seen in the lobby.

Are there pictures of any of this or is this just a phantom story? If a make believe story, you have to hand it to the guy for the creativity. Weird.

Al Manning, retiree, native of eastern NC and proud of it, plenty of time to read, research and get annoyed about the lack of accountability in elected leaders these days. Married to a real southern lady and we live with two labs and two airedales who run

It is a phantom story witnessed ONLY

by National Enquirer fiction writers. I wouldn't dare call them reporters. They are not reporters.

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.


Sorry to be MIA lately, I've been getting ready for my novel to be published. One project involves getting myself online.

I used Google templates to do this, but I'm not sure if it works. Any feedback would be appreciated.

I like it, James

There are things you can do (I'm told) that will facilitate your site popping up on Google searches, but that html stuff is Russian to me.

wanted to

James, since the excerpt is so short, could you just include it within the website? I hates having to open a PDF for something so short. :) and I wished it was bit longer anyway.

Pretty, clean site though.

Progressive Democrats of North Carolina

Good point.

Would it be better to have a longer excerpt ... or more than one? I've been puzzled about this.

Thanks so much for taking time to respond.


a little longer excerpt would suck the reader in more. Make them want to keep reading, and a pie in the sky request; a paypal link at the end to buy the book.

Progressive Democrats of North Carolina


I think I'll do both. I just expanded the excerpt a little. But I'll also add in a PDF version of something longer.

The book's not available until December, but I'll make sure Paypal is an option if I can.

Radiogirl bookends the weekend with great stuff

Dang this woman's good. Breezy and deep all at the same time. Plus she manages to cover everything from her colleagues in Charlotte to Southern Pines editors praising god for showing Hairdresser Boylan the straight and narrow. I understand the whole forgiveness thing, but I wonder why god let ol' Joe drink and drive in the first place? She sure does move in mysterious ways.


Jesus Swept, coming in December