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If Mitt Romney is the Etch-a-Sketch candidate,
does that make his friend Pat McCrory just another knob?

Other interesting stuff:

US trapped in an age of ignorance

“Stupidity is sometimes the greatest of historical forces,” Sidney Hook said once. No doubt. What we have in this country is the rebellion of dull minds against the intellect. That’s why they love politicians who rail against teachers indoctrinating children against their parents’ values and resent the ones who show ability to think seriously and independently. Despite their bravado, these fools can always be counted on to vote against their self-interest. And that, as far as I’m concerned, is why millions are being spent to keep my fellow citizens ignorant.

Sounds like a plank in Pat McCrory's platform.


Email exchange with a UNC alum, offered without comment

Mr. Corder wrote:

As a proud UNC-CH graduate, I feel I must chastize {sic] you for your actions on Rush Radio and UNC-CH. This is the 2nd time I have felt embarrassed by unnecessary, even ridiculous actions by those who feel they are only doing so in the interests of the University.

How dare you squelch the mention of anything about UNC, its athletic program, etc. on the Rush Limbaugh radio show. What are you afraid of? And don't tell me it was only the Fluke flack. Most of what Rush says is true but I can and do disagree with him on some things. Who are you to try to keep even the mention of his name from things 'Chapel Hill'?

In case you're interested, the other embarrassment was the Speaker Ban controversy in the '60s, championed by Jesse Helms. It was embarrassing that anyone could think that banning speakers with anti-American beliefs protected me or anyone from such beliefs. Most of us are not as dumb as you think we are. I cannot and will not be brainwashed by liberals, conservatives, Democrats, Republicans, etc. It is a pleasure to see the success of programs such as Rush Limbaugh and Fox News. At least both sides of the 'spin' are avilable [sic] to those who need it instead of the one-sided B.S. we've been fed for the last 50 years.

I wrote:

Chastise away. It's your support for Limbaugh that ought to embarrass you.

There's no "z" in chastise. Guess you didn't go through the J-School.

Mr. Corder wrote:

I didn’t go to your ‘smart-ass’ school either. The ‘z’ was due to my poor typing (as anyone with common sense could tell). I graduated Phi Beta Kappa and Beta Gamma Sigma in the ‘60s. I have a B.S. in Business and an MBA in Business, all from UNC-CH.

I am not the least bit embarrassed by my support of Limbaugh and Fox. I am embarrassed by Socialist liberals like you. I’m sure you’ll keep up your inept work.

I wrote:

May I use your comments online?

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Mr. Corder wrote:

You may. Will you allow me to forward our 'conversation' to Rush Limbaugh?

I wrote:

Absolutely. I'd love for Limbaugh to understand how many thousands of people in North Carolina have a problem with Rush Radio carrying UNC sports.

Thanks for passing the story along.

When I saw this:

Most of what Rush says is true

I actually barked a laugh. What Rush does (more often than not) is pick a subject (bill in Congress, crime in Topeka, etc.) and then he spends twenty minutes drawing inappropriate analogies to past events (often starring Adolph Hitler or Joseph Stalin) and/or outlandish speculations about future developments, all supposedly based on that one factual starting point.

That's not truth. Hell, it's not even good fiction. It's more like something you'd hear from that weird uncle who fell off a truck and banged his head on the pavement and hasn't been completely right ever since.

I've always thought that Rush

was smart enough to know what bullshit he spews...which makes it worse than if he really believed it. He does it for the money. No other reason.

UNC Business

A cauldron of liberal extremism!

More on Mitt McCrory

I wonder how Myers Park Pat will respond when asked if he supports Mitt Romney, who is a proven and unapologetic liar. I'm guessing he'll say, "Lying? What's the big deal? We all do it. Mitt does it. I do it. It's politics. Get over it."

You'll have to sit through a 30 second ad, but it's worth watching this whole piece so you can begin to understand the full depravity of today's GOP.

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Credit union update

Last winter, my family and I abandoned Bank of America in favor of the State Employees Credit Union. The changeover is almost complete - still a few trailing bits of this and that - and we are very happy with our choice.

When we first made the decision to switch, one bank we considered briefly was BB&T. As part of that consideration, we spent time researching that bank's leadership, specifically their CEO, Kelly King. If you were to conduct similar research, you'd find Mr. King to be something of a cross between an Amway distributor and a transgendered Stepford wife.

So when I read today that Mr. King is blaming Washington for the fact that banks can't get their economic shit together, I was really happy that we steered clear.

Yellow river

A morning look at the pollen-covered Cedar Fork Creek.

Media Watch: WRAL's inappropriate image use... again

Why is it that in every Amendment One story, WRAL chooses to use this photo that clearly advocates for the pro-amendment side?

I'm OK with showing a image showing one-side or another, but WRAL has repeatedly used this image as the first shot with nearly every amendment story for the past several months.

It's advocacy on their broadcast, and I'm a little sick of it.


Thank you

Thank you for pointing this out. I think Laura Leslie usually does alright on her reporting, but the rest of WRAL has a ways to go.

I'm OK with showing a image showing one-side or another

It's unfortunate that bigotry and anti-bigotry are considered by the media as equally valid stances. But you're right, in this case even that could be an improvement.

I do think the One Man One Woman = Marriage sign is stupid to use though frankly, since this amendment's main effects would be relating to domestic partnerships/domestic violence/unmarried couples rights, and wont change the law surrounding what a legal "marriage" is in NC.

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