Weekend wound up

In case you missed it, Under the Doom.

A post on BlueNC, a liberal blog, sparked a confusing moment in Gov. Pat McCrory's press conference this morning. James Protzman authored what he calls a "Blue Onion" post, a reference to the satirical, fake news sites The Onion, with a headline that read, "Breaking: McCrory to shut down all college athletics programs."

It's clearly a spoof -- but one TV reporter from an unknown outlet didn't get the joke. "Governor, could you please explain your position on doing away with athletics programs at UNC campuses?" the reporter asked McCrory.

It wasn't the only confusing moment at Deputy Assistant Governor McCrory's pitty party. The clown has managed to piss off everybody on almost ever side of every issue. Some might call that equal-opportunity rabble-rousing. I call it being a dick.


The reality is just as crazy as the spoof

Which is probably why this (as yet unnamed) reporter fell for it. Just as crazy, and a lot more painful for the people of our state.

SEC Tweets

It looks like this meeting could be crazier than last:

triciacotham 11:38am via web
RT @agcompto: David Parker is singing….This is ridiculous #NCDP

JerryWilliamso1 11:35am via HootSuite
We're hearing that Bob Etheridge is "in" for the NCDP race #ncpol #ncdp What are others hearing?

treynoldsNC 11:44am via Twitter for iPad
@ronnyrichardson @MBERaleigh Less than 30 minutes into the mtg, I'm ready for an adult beverage. #ncdp

johnburnsnc 11:56am via UberSocial for Android
All members shall now make animal noises. #ncdp #ncsec

Come on, people. I know there are hundreds of you there, and many of you are online. Dish!

johnburnsnc 12:09pm via UberSocial for Android
Speaking, i mean. RT @johnburnsnc Some people just don't know when to quit. #ncdp #ncsec

agcompto 12:17pm via Neatly for iPhone
First nominations goes to Congressman Etheridge but he is not here... #ncdp how is this going to go down?!?

choosesam 12:19pm via Twitter for iPhone
Bob Etheridge and Randy Voller being nominated for chair. I plan to work with the winner to win in 2014. #DemsUnited #ncdem #ncpol #ncdp

carinsavel 12:20pm via Twitter for Android
Ethridge absent due to family issues. Surrogate is speaking for him. #ncpol

Don't candidates have to be present to run for office?

JeanneBonds4NC 12:25pm via Twitter for iPhone
Large group at the mic for Voller #ncdems #ncpol

treynoldsNC 12:27pm via Twitter for iPad
Voller has a line of folks waiting to speak on his behalf. Etheridge had only 1 person. #ncdp

ashleikblue 12:26pm via Twitter for iPhone
RT @blueandbrumleve: Mayor Randy Voller nominated for Chair. Applause noticeably lighter than for Etheridge. #ncpol

Ruh roh...

ConenMorgan 12:35pm via Twitter for iPhone
And nominations are closed and the sea of change begins

ashleikblue 12:30pm via Twitter for iPhone
1st vice chair of MCDP argues that Ethridge did not announce in public what his goals are to move the state forward. #ncdems #NCDP

wccubbison 12:36pm via Twitter for Android
If past #ncdp conventions are an indication with nominations closed we should have a vote result in about 3 hrs

Three hours? I'm lucky if I can pay attention to any one thing for three minutes...

edegnan 12:41pm via Twitter for Android
One candidate called me 3 weeks ago to ask for my support, the other didnt show up at the election. Wonder who I voted for...#ncpol #ncdems

Yeah, there's no doubt about who really wants this job the most, it's only a question of whether his approval by one group will sour the other group's opinion of him.

triciacotham 12:47pm via web
RT @ashleikblue: Bob Ethridge is still the invisible candidate right now. #ncdems #NCDP

In more ways than one...

JerryWilliamso1 12:51pm via HootSuite
In his favor, Etheridge has a mean streak #ncpol #ncdp. Course we're also gonna need some appreciation for grassroots organizing

There is that. If we could get Art Pope to approach Bob with a camera phone...

tanyaproberts 12:56pm via Twitter for iPhone
@NCDemParty Melvin Williams voted in again as Secretary, by acclimation! #DemsUnited #ncpol #ncdp

FordPorter1 1:02pm via Twitter for Android
Gotta give Bob Etheridge credit in #ncdem race. An incredibly hard worker, he was everywhere in the #ncgov race. #ncdp could use the energy

Gonna have to take your word for that. I would do some research to verify it, but I'm too busy trying to keep up with our new Governor's assaults on our civilization.

louismduke 1:16pm via Twitter for iPhone
No matter how this #SEC Chair vote comes out, the @NCDemParty will leave the room united as one Democratic Family. #NCDP #DemsUnited #NCPol

I sincerely hope so. On that note, I'm going to sign off for a while. My pain meds are failing me miserably.