Weekend Wound Up

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Laura Leslie interviewed Obama yesterday and asked him about about the use of military contractors in war zones. His answer was pretty good: We can't eliminate them immediately because of the poor planning of the Bush Administration, but we have to hold them accountable. I wish he'd take this issue on and ban the use of armed contractors period.

Laura is interviewing Hillary today.


A request via email

John McCain is delivering a major speech on judges at the campus of Wake Forest University on Tuesday, 5/6 at 10am.

Looking for student volunteers to participate in our Supreme Court photo op, distribute fact sheets, utilize Roberts/Alito signs, and hand out other Supreme Court-related materials. Want to create a significant visual presence.

In the process of securing permission on the University to be on campus and hope to recruit students to volunteer for the event.

Do you know of any individuals who might be willing to assist?

I don't know many folks at Wake Forest. If you do, please pass this along. John "Bomb Bomb Iran" is a dangerous person in terms of national security. But what he would do to the Supreme Court would be disastrous for generations.

McCain Event

If you're interested in participating in the rally, please send me an email at slopez@pfaw.org or give me a call at 202-215-0615.

ColorOfChange.org Members Petition Democratic Party Leadership


Contact: Andre Banks, ColorOfChange.org (917) 456-7759, (510) 444-0144

ColorOfChange.org Members Petition Democratic Party Leadership To Avert Election Crisis

Superdelegates Must Not Overrule the Choice of Voters

SAN FRANCISCO, CA— Members of ColorOfChange.org, the online advocacy group dedicated to building a political voice for Black Americans, began petitioning Democratic Party leaders today to reject any strategy that would hand the nomination to Hillary Clinton against the will of voters. This outcome would disenfranchise millions of voters and in particular Black Americans. In an open letter addressed to superdelegates and party leaders Senator Harry Reid, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and DNC Chairman Howard Dean, ColorOfChange.org members also urged them to reject the idea that the nomination can be won with a strategy that preys on racism, sows division, and renders the popular vote irrelevant.

"The Democratic Party is flirting with disaster. Energized voters who have participated in this hard fought nomination contest will not allow it to end in a backroom deal with their voices silenced," said James Rucker, executive director of the online advocacy group. "Undermining the will of voters is a losing strategy for the Democratic Party, and party leaders should reject arguments about electability that rely on stoking division, prejudice and fear."

Since it remains highly unlikely that she can overtake Senator Barack Obama in elected delegates or the popular vote, the Clinton strategy has relied on convincing superdelegates to overturn the choice of voters. Calling it a "shocking attack on voting rights and democracy," the organization's members argued against the mass disenfranchisement of millions who have voted throughout the primary season.

ColorOfChange.org members are joining other voters who have challenged the Clinton campaign's continued use of race baiting to drum up support for her campaign. Polls show that many Black voters who once supported a Clinton nomination have now turned their backs on the former favorite.

ColorOfChange.org, which has over 400,000 members, launched the petition today after continued contact with members who expressed dismay over the tone and strategy of the Clinton campaign. The organization, which was founded in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, has continued to pressure both Republicans and Democrats to act in the best interests of Black Americans and Americans at-large.

To view the petition, visit http://www.colorofchange.org/dems

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McCain - The Third Bush Term

McCain Event

If you're interested in participating in the rally please contact me at slopez@pfaw.org or give me a call at 202-215-0615.