Weekend open thread

Why I vote for terrible Democrats. An interesting take on the hard reality of today's political environment.


Democracy is a work in progress

And so is the Democratic Party. If there's one thing I've retained from my years of being a Republican, it's my aversion to rapid, massive change. I believe in incremental improvements, because that allows both society and the "system" to adapt in a relatively smooth fashion. By system I'm referring to the governmental institutions that regulate and protect us. That kind of thinking probably makes me a centrist, at least as far as political power is concerned.

Now, that doesn't mean that I don't hold some lofty and extraordinary ideas about how things should be, but I'm not going to crucify a fellow Democrat if he/she doesn't share the same vision. It's up to me to sell those ideas to that Democrat, not go find another that thinks like I do. And if money (or lack of) gets in the way, and it usually does, then I simply have to work harder to sell my ideas.