Weekend Open Thread

I'm packing my kids off to the beach for a week with my mother and working on several projects around the house. I'm not exactly looking forward to time away from my girls. We have so much fun talking politics. They're even more liberal than I am.

I guess to make up for missing them so much I'll have to spend even more time here chatting about politics. You people are soooo lucky. :D

So, what's on your calendar for the weekend?



Weekend for me means

working all weekend so I can meet an August 5th delivery deadline of a 500+ page transcript. But one morning next week will be a perfect time for us to have breakfast at Roughedge -- or anywhere else you choose. Even though we're both snowed under, we have to eat sometime and it's no fun eating alone! The only thing my husband eats for breakfast is one envelope of oatmeal. I don't eat oatmeal, and it's too hot for grits.

Oh -- and I have tomatoes to can. That is what I do during breaks from the drudgery.

Sweet Union Dem

What Happened to Customer Service

This is my last day in Virginia. My daughter is now a graduate of the Battalion Commander Spouses' Course. It actually counts as CE for some things. No good for her. She is coming home to find the AC upstairs being out....it has been up to 89 up there.... the telephone not working, and she almost lost her cable and internet. A guy came to the door yesterday to pick up the cable box and disconnect the cable. Come to find out that was also why the phone was out and they were getting ready to disconnect the internet. They were only three weeks early. They disconnected the phone 4 weeks early. The guy was just doing his job and he asked me to call and see what I could do. Well, the first "lady" acted like I didn't know what I was talking about and wanted the guy to go ahead with the job. She actually told me to quit yelling at her. Obviously, she has never heard a Miller yell. It took 45 minutes of being put on hold and being passed around to get them to stop everything. The phone....they couldn't do anything about that. She has to call and reapply for service. They may actually hear yelling. Oh Yeah...it is Charter. What does this have to do with politics..nothing. What does it have to do with customer service...everything.


Phone out

My phone is out, but not to worry, it will be fixed by Monday AM. Nice big window.

I was getting a princess ready for an 11am dress up birthday party. Spouse volunteering at mobile dental clinic today. I noticed my city coucil yard sign was missing. Last time there was a pile of stolen signs in the yard of a local student house. Put the princess in the limo, went searching. No luck & noticed neighbor's sign missing also. Back home missed a cell call from in-laws. Went inside to call & phone was dead. Spent time diagnosing problem while princess cleaned up. Tried outside jack while skeeters feasted on ankles and m-in-law called to make plans. Explained I was running late, didn't know plans, phone service down. Called phone co., navigating menus while princess struggled w/ dress. Missed a callback while fixing ponytail & looking for shoes. Get in car late, empty light on, drop her off but it's all worthwhile to see a dozen excited, dressed up little girls.

Tried phone co. again in car, got a callback, neighborhood cable out. So I'm sitting in the Third Place coffee shop chilling, thanking my blessings because this is a life and, a lot a people have a lot less than I do and a lot more to worry about.

The Good Part...

they are moving four miles from me. :-D

How's your weekend going so far?


I hope everyone had a great

I hope everyone had a great weekend. My folks came in on Saturday so we went to the Natural Sciences Museum and showed them other highlights of Raleigh including The Pit.

This afternoon we went to a fundraiser for Zack Hawkins who is running for YDA VP. We saw Elaine Marshall and Ken Lewis - among others - so it was a fun event.

Relaxing now for the week ahead!