Weekend Open Thread

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Seems like all the media rats are jumping off the tarnished Nifong ship. The Charlotte Observer today joins the frenzy for "investigating the investigator." Nifong has undoubtedly screwed up big time, but shouldn't we wait until the frickin' trial takes place before we take down the district attorney?

Dan Blue is claiming to have locked up a majority of the Black Caucus, and also says Bill Faison has dropped out of the race to back him. Faison never had a shot, but its interesting that he supports Blue instead of his Orange County colleague, Joe Hackney. I was kind of hoping Blue would pass on Speaker and hold out to challenge Elizabeth Dole in 2008. I suppose he could do both, though if he gets the Speaker job, it's going to be a sh*tstorm that will make nobody look good.

One happy blessing of the holiday season is that the Puppets are on vacation and haven't darkened with Internets with more of their "reports" for a couple of days. Thank goodness for small pleasures.

And just a reminder. Congressman Brad Miller will be visiting on Thursday morning for a live-blogging session. You can get your questions in early, but be sure to join for the big event too. We had a session with Elizabeth Edwards last month, and it was a blast.



Feeding the Homeless . . . from my sister-in-law

There’s a quirky side on me few know or understand. I pick up dead animals on the back roads. Not smashed, gory run-over-by-dozens-of-cars roadkill. Just ones that are freshly dead with no guts or glory hanging out.

The other evening on Wood Valley Road just around the corner from home, I did a U-turn to pick up a huge, still warm, opossum. Why shouldn’t the buzzards enjoy a tasty, filling Christmas dinner just like the rest of us?

With headlights staring out into the vacant pasture back at home, I high-jumped the low-slung non-electrified electric fence. Carried the heavy fella by his bare, marsupial tail to a spot far enough from the road so the diners wouldn’t be bothered by passing cars, and one that made for easy viewing from my kitchen window.

Next day the buzzards were circling overhead like a scene from an old western. Sensing somehow that the banquet table was set and the main course ready, they swooped down forming their familiar-only-to-them pecking order circle. One at a time they dined to their stomachs capacity. Those waiting looked like black-cloaked mourners, talking among themselves, waiting their turn to pay their respects to the dearly departed.

A mature bald eagle glided by, took a look at the gathered banquet guests, and perched in the 60-ft hybrid popular on the corner of the woods nearby. Not his preferred entree. Or maybe he was taking a break before soaring southward over the pond and forest treetops ten minutes later.

By noon the guests were gone; the banquet room empty. All that remained was the trash.


I had a few moments of joy in the midst of the mad holidaze craziness watching a drama unfold at my birdfeeder. The birdfeeder was installed to honor my father's memory; he loved birds, and watched them and talked to them all the time. Anyhow - a group of about 8-10 small birds - chickadees, sparrows, titmice (I'm sure it's not titmouses) - were feeding away merrily, jockeying for position. Suddenly, a big-ass bluejay swooped in, and of course, all the little guys took off. One brave little black-capped chickadee kept trying to come back, but the blue-jay would attack him every time. Several other jays came in and ate while the original jay patrolled to keep the other birds away. I thought they'd get everything in the feeder. Until the red-tail hawk that nests back in our woods started buzzing the feeder. She (I'm not a birder, but I'm certain this is a female) kept buzzing the jays until they left. Then she took up a post on the telephone wire. The little birds came back to eat. I've never seen anything like it. I've never seen anything like it. Amazing. There is apparently quite a community out there.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." - Ghandi