Wednesday News: But we're not racists, we swear!

JUDGE RULES UNC CAN CONTINUE AFFIRMATIVE ACTION: “While no student can or should be admitted to this University, or any other, based solely on race, because race is so interwoven in every aspect of the lived experience of minority students, to ignore it, reduce its importance and measure it only by statistical models as SFFA has done, misses important context to include obscuring racial barriers and obstacles that have been faced, overcome and are yet to be overcome,” Biggs said. The trial for the affirmative action admissions case ended nearly a year ago in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina in Winston-Salem. Lawyers for the university and the group Students for Fair Admissions argued over UNC-CH’s race-conscious admissions process. Follow below the fold for another relatively recent failure on their part.

STUDENTS FOR FAIR ADMISSIONS HAS A LONG HISTORY FILING RACIST LAWSUITS: Harvard College’s lawsuit regarding the usage of race in admissions was upheld by federal judge Allison Burroughs Tuesday, Oct. 1. The plaintiff, Students for Fair Admissions (SFFA) filed the case in November 2014 and alleged that the school unfairly discriminated against Asian-American applicants using a “personal” rating system. Coined “affirmative action” in 1961 by President John F. Kennedy, the policy was originally created to secure that minority groups gain access to jobs and other institutions they may be denied from. Three days after the ruling, SFFA filed a notice of appeal regarding the lawsuit. In a press release, Edward Blum, president of SFFA, said, “Students for Fair Admissions is disappointed that the court has upheld Harvard’s discriminatory admissions policies.” Blum went on to add, “We believe that the documents, emails, data analysis and depositions SFFA presented at trial compellingly revealed Harvard’s systematic discrimination against Asian American applicants.” Make no mistake, he doesn't give two shits about Asian-Americans, it's just a ploy.

NCDHHS IS BEING PROACTIVE ABOUT COVID VACCINES FOR CHILDREN: Scores of pediatrics offices across North Carolina could be part of "Wave 1" in the state's effort to vaccinate children against coronavirus. The state Department of Health and Human Services on Tuesday sent notices to more than 230 providers statewide, including county health departments, mass vaccination clinics, pharmacies and hospitals, as well as pediatricians, asking them whether they want to take part in the initial push to immunize children ages 5 to 11. Federal regulators will meet in the next two weeks and could grant emergency authorization to give Pfizer's coronavirus vaccine to children. If approved, DHHS officials said, North Carolina providers could start giving shots shortly after Nov. 3. North Carolina will receive 124,500 doses of the pediatric vaccine in what's been dubbed "Wave 1." DHHS has divvied the shipment up among the preliminary list of providers in multiples of 300 doses. "Getting kids vaccinated quickly and equitably is our goal," DHHS officials said in the notice. "Please accept only what you need and use what you order. In the coming weeks, if excess vaccine accumulates at a provider, we may transfer vaccine from one provider to another to meet demand. You will be eligible to reorder more pediatric vaccine once you have administered at least 70% of your pediatric Pfizer inventory."

ANOTHER SAD YET PREVENTABLE DOMESTIC VIOLENCE DEATH: A North Carolina woman who was reported missing last week has been found dead in South Carolina, and authorities have charged her boyfriend in her death. The body of LaPorscha Baldwin, 30, of Gastonia was found on Thursday by Fairfield County, South Carolina, sheriff's deputies, according to a news release from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department. News outlets reported Baldwin was reported missing on Oct. 10 after failing to show up for work after having gone to church. Police said Baldwin had last been seen in Mecklenburg County, and reports indicated her vehicle was found abandoned on southbound Interstate 85 between Charlotte and Belmont. According to the news release, police in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, arrested Charles Williams Combs, 35, of Charlotte and charged him with first-degree murder. Charlotte-Mecklenburg police said Combs is awaiting extradition to North Carolina. Throw away the damn key, this is happening way too often.

BLACK IOWA DEM CHAIR THREATENED WITH LYNCHING FOR CRITICIZING TRUMP: Iowa authorities are investigating multiple threats — including one of lynching — that Iowa Democratic Party Chairman Ross Wilburn received soon after writing an op-ed critical of former president Donald Trump. Wilburn, the state party’s first Black chairman, wrote the opinion piece published in the Des Moines Register ahead of Trump’s Oct. 9 rally at the Iowa State Fairgrounds. It ran online Oct. 8 and in print the following day and, in it, Wilburn accused Iowa Republicans of putting their loyalty to Trump ahead of Iowans’ needs. “The entire Republican Party of Iowa is welcoming Trump with open arms proving once again that they have completely surrendered themselves to a man who not only openly attacked the foundations of our democracy, but also has shown disdain for our Constitution, and failed to help the American people when we needed it most,” Wilburn wrote. Immediately after publishing the op-ed, Wilburn, who is also a state representative, received three threatening messages — two left in his phone messages from a restricted number, and one left in his legislature email’s inbox. Only the first voice mail included a violent threat of lynching, but all three included explicit language, he told reporters Tuesday morning. “The n-word was used multiple times,” Wilburn said. “The voice mails and the email made reference to my writing about former president Trump and made specific references to my comments regarding Trump’s actions on January 6. This led me to believe that they had read my op-ed.” Grrr.