Wednesday News: Spoon-fed


NC REPUBLICANS ARE TRYING TO GERRYMANDER TIM MOORE INTO CONGRESS: None of the maps is exactly the same, with each making different choices on exactly where to split the lines. But so far, every single one does have one thing in common: A safe seat for any Republican who decides to run for it, centered around the home of N.C. House Speaker Tim Moore. And in nearly every version there’s no incumbent who might stand in the way, either. “There’s no sure things in any of this,” Moore said. “And I can tell you I haven’t decided what I’m going to do.” Riiight, act like you have no idea what they're doing, you're just an innocent and disinterested bystander, blah blah blah. Neither the GOP nor Tim Moore have an ethical bone in their bodies.

SPEAKING OF GERRYMANDERING, THE PEOPLE ARE NOT HAPPY: “This is not fair, since North Carolina is a half-and-half state with the two parties," Kathy Wheeler of Guilford County told redistricting committee members at the Legislative Building. “The maps proposed by Republican members dilute Democratic votes and deprive communities of effective representation.” Several speakers complained that some plans also would split Guilford County, currently represented by Democrat Kathy Manning, into as many as three districts. Democrats have offered congressional maps that would give their party a better chance to win six or seven seats, which they say aligns with electoral results for statewide races that are usually decided by a few percentage points. Republicans, who have controlled the General Assembly since 2011, have performed well in North Carolina federal races, not losing a U.S. Senate race since 2008. House committee Chairman Destin Hall of Caldwell County said after the hearing that GOP leaders are staying away from making decisions based on electoral outcomes. Roll up your pantlegs, the shit is getting very deep...

BOY, WBT RADIO MUST HAVE MONEY TO BURN, BECAUSE THEY WASTED THIS: Former Gov. Pat McCrory made $286,000 over about 15 months to host his top-rated Charlotte radio show, according to paperwork his campaign filed in North Carolina's 2022 U.S. Senate race. Former North Carolina Supreme Court Chief Justice Cheri Beasley made $250,000 for eight months' work at one of the state's best known law firms. Sen. Jeff Jackson, D-Mecklenburg, traded cryptocurrency in the last year or so, and 13th District Congressman Ted Budd's indoor gun range and shop brought in about $1.2 million over the last year and a half. Former Congressman Mark Walker and former state Sen. Erica Smith have few assets, differentiating them from competitors in this Senate race. McCrory and his wife have stocks, mutual funds, bank accounts and his pension from a nearly 30-year career at Duke Energy. Those assets total between $4.2 million and $9.8 million. This actually makes Capitalism look worse than it already does, because damn. Pat is no candidate for MENSA, is what I'm saying.

DEBORAH MAXWELL BECOMES FIRST NC NAACP PRESIDENT: The North Carolina branch of the NAACP has elected its first woman as State Conference President. On Saturday, Deborah Maxwell was elected to the position at the North Carolina State Conference of the NAACP biennial election. Maxwell is the first woman elected to the position in the state conference history. Maxwell defeated incumbent Rev. Dr. T. Anthony Spearman and Gemale Black, President of the Salisbury-Rowan NAACP, receiving 54% of the vote. Maxwell has served as the president of New Hanover County NAACP, Unit 5424 for the last 10 years. In 2020, Maxwell was appointed to the Governor’s Task Force on Racial Equity in Criminal Justice. Along with Maxwell, two other women were elected to the three highest offices of the North Carolina Conference of the NAACP. Giggity. Sorry, that's a Quagmire reference, for those who haven't been blessed by Family Guy.

WE ARE WAY BEHIND ON CUTTING CARBON EMISSIONS: The annual U.N. emissions gap report details how the Group of 20 — which comprises 19 individual nations and the European Union — collectively are not on track to meet the emissions-cutting pledges they made as part of the 2015 Paris agreement, or the updated plans some countries have submitted ahead of high-profile climate talks next month in Scotland. Given that developed nations account for roughly three quarters of global greenhouse gas emissions, their failures to set bold targets or to fully meet existing goals are a significant reason the world remains on a path toward worsening climate catastrophes, the U.N. found. “We’re just so far off track, it’s really discouraging,” Drew Shindell, a Duke University earth science professor and co-author of Tuesday’s report, said in an interview. He said that while some countries are moving with more urgency, those efforts will lead only “to minimal change this decade,” unless major emitters make significant changes soon. Despite the substantial gap that remains between the world’s current annual emissions and how much they must shrink to live up to the aspirations set six years ago in Paris, the report does make clear that there is evidence of progress. Some key entities, such as the United States, Canada and the E.U., have outlined new, stronger climate plans that if implemented would result in sharp cuts to emissions in those nations by the end of this decade. Other large emitters, such as China and India, have not yet formally submitted new plans but have announced domestic targets such as peaking greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 or installing colossal amounts of renewable energy, respectively. Not holding my breath. India is still burning coal for 70% of its power, and their leadership is more concerned about uber-nationalism than even helping their own people, much less the whole world.