Wednesday News: Oxygen Thief


CAWTHORN IS NOW LEADING THE ATTACK-THE-SCHOOL-BOARD IDIOTS: Hundreds of people are expected to join U.S. Rep. Madison Cawthorn on Tuesday outside the Johnston County school board meeting to protest mandatory masks in schools. Crowds also are attending local school board meetings across North Carolina, which have become heated battlegrounds in recent weeks because of face mask mandates. At an August Buncombe County school board meeting, some parents “overthrew” the current school board and instated themselves into the positions. Critics of requiring masks hope Cawthorn’s presence will cause the school board to reverse its 4-3 vote in August to mandate that students and teachers wear masks indoors. Apparently David Rouzer doesn't mind being cuckolded by a juvenile delinquent...

AND YES, MANY OF THESE PEOPLE ARE DANGEROUS: The Moore County Board of Education decided to postpone Monday night's scheduled meeting after board members received a threatening letter about the school mask policy. The board had planned to meet at 4 p.m. to discuss the current mask mandate, among other topics. The threatening letter, according to board member Robert Levy, said that the person was going to show up at school board members' homes and pressure them to drop the district's mask mandate. "They said, 'We know where you live,'" he said. Officials recommended that anyone who wanted to make a public comment would have to walk through a metal detector. As a result of the threat, the board meeting was moved to the district's central office, where there was a heightened police presence. A group of parents associated with Moore Families for Quality Education gathered outside to protest the district's mask mandate at around 4 p.m. And it's a good bet the person who threatened them was in that crowd.

IT'S A GREAT IDEA, BUT REPUBLICANS ARE HEARTLESS AND GREEDY: A week after federal pandemic unemployment aid ended, Democratic lawmakers and worker advocates on Monday called for the state to step up to help jobless workers in North Carolina. The boost to weekly unemployment checks from March 2020 through Labor Day – it was initially $600 before being scaled back to $300 in recent months – helped more than 200,000 people in North Carolina, said Sen. Wiley Nickel, D-Wake. "These families now will have $1,200 less per month to make ends meet, to pay for food, to pay for rent," Nickel said at a news conference. "This is especially hard because our economy isn't what it was pre-COVID. We have not fully recovered." People out of work now have to rely solely on state unemployment benefits, and North Carolina's rank among the worst in the country. Nickel is proposing to increase them, increasing the maximum weekly benefit from $350 to $500 and doubling the length of time workers could get benefits, from 13 to 26 weeks. The state can easily afford the added expense, he said, noting that it has $2.7 billion in its unemployment fund – the second highest reserve in the country. And they got that by starving families. I don't see them coming to Jesus anytime soon.

MANCHIN'S VERSION OF VOTING RIGHTS BILL HAS HITS AND MISSES: While the original bill mandated that states use nonpartisan commissions to draw congressional district lines in order to prevent gerrymandering, the revised bill does not require commissions. It instead creates federal criteria for mapmaking, gives courts the power to enforce them, and allows states to choose how to comply, whether by using a commission or another method. The Freedom to Vote Act does not include one controversial proposal that Manchin floated in June — a national voter identification mandate. Instead, the bill would create a national standard for the states that choose to require voter ID, allowing them to accept a range of documents as proof of identification, without requiring it in other states. The new legislation also adds provisions meant to override state-level efforts in GOP-controlled states that some are warning could allow officials to override election results. Sections aimed at so-called election subversion would create federal protections for elections officials and create standards for the handing of election equipment and records. The revised bill comes at a precarious moment for Senate Democrats, with the party eager to make progress on President Biden’s sweeping economic agenda while facing deadlines to fund the federal government and address the approaching debt ceiling in the coming weeks.

ANGELA MERKEL IS THROWING IN THE TOWEL: After a decade and a half, the era of German Chancellor Angela Merkel is coming to an end. Having chosen not to run in national elections this month, she will become the country’s first premier to leave power of her own volition. If negotiations to form a new government drag on after the Sept. 26 vote, she could overtake Helmut Kohl as modern Germany’s longest-serving leader. She is the doyenne of European politics — a generation of young Germans remembers no one else at the helm. Her admirers have hailed her as everything from the leader of the free world to a contemporary Joan of Arc — grand portrayals she has always spurned. Yet she has been repeatedly named among the world’s most powerful women. President Barack Obama, among her most enduring advocates, described her as an outstanding global political leader. Clinging tightly to Europe’s purse strings, Merkel became the face of northern Europe’s frugality. She became a hated figure in countries such as Greece as they were forced into crippling austerity. Greek newspapers compared her to Hitler, and her visits were marked with protests for years. Ultimately, she helped Germany and the euro zone face down an existential threat. She recently said she sees it as one of her biggest achievements as chancellor.



That's all that we need. A

That's all that we need. A known sexual deviant and lunatic like Madison Cawthorn infiltrating school board meetings.