Wednesday News: From feckless to reckless


TRUMP IGNITES NEW FIRESTORM: GUN BACKERS MIGHT STOP CLINTON (AP) -- Donald Trump ignited a fresh political firestorm Tuesday by declaring gun rights supporters might still find a way to stop Hillary Clinton, even if she should defeat him and then name anti-gun Supreme Court justices. Democrats pounced, accusing him of openly encouraging violence against his opponent.

TRUMP SUGGESTS TAKING UP ARMS IF CLINTON PUSHES RESTRICTION ON GUNS (Wilmington Star-News) -- 'If she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks,' he said. 'Although the second amendment people maybe there is, I don't know.'

RESIDENTS CHALLNGE McHENRY ON TRUMP, GUNS, CLIMATE (Asheville Citizen-Times) - Buncombe County residents pushed U.S. Rep. Patrick McHenry to renounce support for Donald Trump, back stricter gun control laws and do more to fight global warming during a town hall meeting McHenry sponsored here Tuesday.

ART POPE SPEAKS: CHARLOTTE TO BLAME FOR HB2 ECONOMIC LOSSES (Charlotte Business Journal) -- A former four-term state lawmaker known for libertarian leanings and for being a budget and policy wonk, Art Pope discussed everything from what he sees as the danger of corporate incentives to the beauty of highway bonds.

AGENCY LEADERS LOB MORE CRITICISM AT STATE SCIENTIST (WRAL-TV) -- North Carolina environmental and health officials have doubled down on criticism of a state scientist who testified under oath that he was summoned to the governor's office to discuss what to tell homeowners who lived near coal ash pits and had elevated levels of hexavalent chromium in their well water. An open letter accuses state toxicologist Ken Rudo of inconsistent scientific conclusions and "unprofessional" conduct in sworn statements he made about potentially toxic compounds in drinking water.

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