Wednesday Afternoon Action Plan

First, my apologies for being so tardy with the action plan today. I am trudging along through the slightly medicated stupor and very groggy from not being able to sleep through the pain. My lack of coherence today will be explained away by the above statement. My lack of coherence any other day defies explanation.

We have had good news from both of our Senators. Mr. Burr and Mrs. Dole have both come out against selling our National Forest lands. Since I don't trust either one of them any further than I can throw them we are going to email them today to thank them for coming out against the sale and register our position. They still need to hear from us so they know how many will work against them in the next election if they vote with the President on this one. (Yeah, like we would ever work to get them elected!)

Finished below the fold...

We also are going to email our House Representative. If you are feeling particularly spunky you can email them all. It is always best if you are a constituent, but that hasn't stopped me from filling their in boxes in the past.

Lance has made all of this very easy by providing us with a take action section here. Please make good use of the Take Action section and send those emails.

Tomorrow we work on state level elected officials.


My emails are sent.

Has everybody else followed through?

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.



I hit Dole and Burr

I already sent something to Price a couple of weeks ago.


We'll do this again, of course, when congress is actually dealing with this issue, but it's good for them to know where we stand now.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.