Wednesday Afternoon Action Plan

Today we have two things we need to do. First we need to keep the debate over censure for the President going. If you've been following through on the plan we have called, emailed and mailed our Senators. Now it's time to send letters to the editors of your local newspaper.

LTEs are best if they are short - one or two sentences and quickly make your point. (This goes without saying if you've kept it to two sentences.) It could be something as simple as....

Many pundits and members of Congress say it is a bad time to censure the President for breaking the law.

I say it's never a good time for the President to break the law.

The more letters the newspaper receives on a topic the more likely they are to print an LTE about that topic. It is always best to refer either to an article in the paper or another LTE. It is also best to write to your local paper, but write to them all if you have the time.

Lance has made this easy by including a list of NC papers, their, email addresses or web forms in the "take action" section to the left.

The second thing we should do is each take the time to thank Rep. David Price. If you didn't send a thank you to Rep. Brad Miller, we should do that as well. We also need to remember the help that State Rep. Verla Insko was on the Medicaid research. Don't forget our thank you notes!

Let's Get Busy!



Burr Dole

What do you think the odds of either of our Bushbot senators even considering a vote for censure?

If you talk to their phone answering interns, that answer would be ZERO. So whenever Wighead and Dickhead start talking about how strongly they're standing for the rule of law, you can basically tune them out. If their lips are moving, they're lying.


Well it's pretty plain to see they sure as heck do not care about North Carolinas Veterans!!!
Dan-Vets Advocate

Please keep up the hard work

Nice to know you are doing something, course it is entirely futile and a waste of time, energy, and resources... but if it makes you feel useful.

BTW - 1976 was the most recent presidential year that NC went blue.

Don't worry...we will keep up the hard work

and you go ahead and stick your head back in the sand....or well...heh you know where you probably keep your head.

NC is already a lot bluer in attitude than you would be willing to admit and all that has to do is translate into votes. We're planning on helping that happen.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.