Website Dedicated to Triangle Regional Rail

I have been super busy today. I was negotiating to buy a house, and just when we thought that we were just down to money and closing date the owner decided that she wants to rip up the yard because a bush has been in the family for generations (which I do not even think is possible by the way). Anyway, I wanted to pass on this quick link to a new site dedicated to bring better public transportation to the Triangle, including a regional rail.

The site is here. It evens includes a petition to sign for those of us into action (I did it). I cannot go into all the reasons that we need more public transportation right now, so I will just leave you with three: reasonable commutes, reducing pollution, and getting poor people to work without wasting all the money that they earn on gas. If you need more, check some of my earlier posts here.

And by the way, go Heels!


That damn bush

The same thing happened to us, except that the lady ripped it up without mentioning it after the contract was signed. She also removed some fixtures. It turns out that our crappy-all-along agent figured we wouldn't mind (?) and gave her the go ahead. Our agent ended up buying us a bush and some windowboxes.


Everything worked out. Just when we move in, there will be some holes to fill.