web site trickery in NC House District 10

Check out this alarming attempt to discredit Van Braxton, candidate for NC House District 10.


That site has to be a Willie Ray Starling gimmick.

Van Braxton's a worthy candidate and will serve the citizens well. He's going to win in November. Bloggers, let's rally behind this one.

His campaign web site is www.braxtonnchouse.com


Thanks for bringing this to our attention

I have already arranged for an interview with Van and he's had one profile. We will have more information after next week.

That's a pretty pitiful web site (the mock one). It's very poorly done. Let's not link to it too often. We don't want it to move up in any profile searches. We will link to Van's real site.

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Whois data follow. The only

Whois data follow. The only useful bit might be the P.O. Box in Kinston.

Registration Service Provided By: Rustikat
Contact: rustikat@rustikat.net
Visit: http://www.rustikat.net


Administrative Contact:
Fred Riggs (rustikat@rustikat.net)
Fax: +1.2525215405
PO Box 973
Kinston, NC 28502-0973

Technical Contact:
Fred Riggs (rustikat@rustikat.net)
Fax: +1.2525215405
PO Box 973
Kinston, NC 28502-0973

Registrant Contact:
Fred Riggs (rustikat@rustikat.net)
Fax: +1.2525215405
PO Box 973
Kinston, NC 28502-0973

Status: Locked

Name Servers:

Creation date: 19 May 2006 22:37:47
Expiration date: 19 May 2007 22:37:47

The site sucks

and I agree that the fewer links the better.

You'd think wingers could come up with something more creative than comparing Dems to Nazis, especially since their party is quite literally filled with guys wearing brownshirts.

Where is the artistry?

Has Fred Riggs not seen the excellent work at Robin Hayes alternate campaign site? Has he not delved deeply into the rich, rich content at Charles Taylor's alternate campaign site?

Both the Hayes and Taylor sites are tongue-in-cheek fun. They both have multiple links with which to access the facts behind the fiction.

Fred's got a bit of potential in the photoshop department if he could stop frothing at the mouth for a moment, but he is utterly talentless when it comes to narrative.

Write or call Fred Riggs today. Don't argue with him, ridicule him. His site is poor quality in design, concept, writing, and aesthetic. It's utterly pathetic.

Fred! Go read the Hayes and Taylor sites. You can do better.

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Too right

No one is using charlestaylor.com right now, and I wonder why. It seems like plain good sense to snatch up one's name, name + "congress", name + 2006, etc. But that won't stop enterprising jammers from using unthinkable domain names like taylorsucks.org (which currently gets as much or more traffic daily than Taylor's genuine campaign site).

Sites like these are now a permanent part of the netroots. The question will be one of quality. Is the site effective?

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Willie Ray Starling
1523 Indian Springs Road
Mount Olive, NC 28365


Administrative Contact :
Starling, Ray
1523 Indian Springs Road
Mount Olive, NC 28365
Phone: 919-658-2337
Fax: 919-658-2337

Technical Contact :
Riggs, Fred
PO BOX 973
KINSTON, NC 28502-0973
Phone: 252-527-0698
Fax: 252-527-0698

Record expires on 09-Apr-2009
Record created on 09-Apr-2000
Database last updated on 27-Jun-2006

Domain servers in listed order: Manage DNS


Current Registrar: NETWORK SOLUTIONS, LLC.
IP Address: (ARIN & RIPE IP search)
Record Type: Domain Name
Server Type: Apache 1
Lock Status: ACTIVE
Web Site Status: Active
DMOZ no listings
Y! Directory: see listings
Secure: No
E-commerce: No
Traffic Ranking: Not available
Data as of: 14-Jun-2005

Nice Catch, Greg

So Starling's webmaster created the faux Braxton site. This is good news.

Is this a scandal waiting to happen for Starling. How can we help it along? What are the local papers and TV affiliates? A Tuesday A.M. press release is the absolute best time to get things like this into the news cycle (DFA media training says so).

Reckon we can get it into the news before they know we know? Because they'll pull it. Screen shot anyone? The press will want to see it.

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Fake Braxton site

The faux site violates elections laws because it does not identify the author and/or funding group.

As such it violates the web company's own AUP.

It is malicious impersonation, not satire, as much of the source code is lifted from the real site and includes the name of Braxton's campaign manager Rita Spence as author just as in the code for the real site.

Starling does not list the web company as an expense in campaign records so the Starling site and the faux Braxton site would appear to represent illegal corporate contributions to Starling's campaign.


Is lifting sourcecode illegal?

Seriously, I mean, the net is still the wild west in some ways, where do you draw the line?

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

It's illegal

The newspapers are wide open too, but that doesn't mean that you can't infringe their copyright.


Especially when it says this:

Copyright 2004-2006 Braxton For NC House

Guys...I've been chatting with Rita

and she is really nice. I'd hate to step on her toes but I'd like to send her this information if that's OK. She might want to handle this herself.

If she doesn't, I'm thinking an LTE swarm and blogswarm would be kinda fun. Especially now that we have some specifics on the voting irregularities.

Ya'll are awesome.

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Vanbraxton.com is down

everytime I try to go there get an error message....

Glad I saved a copy

Actually willieray.com is down also so it must be a server, not the site. Blame Lamont.

Starling & LaRoque Signs

are all over the place down east. No sign (pun intended) of Braxton yet, at least not on US 70.

Fred Smith's ego is still out in full force on giant billboards. No mention of the fact that he's a government-hating REPUBLICAN.

Source Identified

Source Identified

Ted Sampley

The fake site has the mark of Ted Sampley

Original Post (images on photobucket, user: naretav)

shucks UserID

Referenced website by Ted Sampley (similar code and appearance, also on Rustikat)

Google Ted Sampley

Obviously been paying attention to us as the code was changed:
META name="Copyright" content="Copyright 2004-2006 Braxton For NC House"
now reads:
META name="Copy Van" content="2004-2006 Braxton For NC House"
META name="Publisher" content="rita spence"
META name="Author" content="rita spence"
have been deleted.

JeffersonJr userID

hey shucks...hope you don't mind but we highjacked some of your graphics.

From an ENC post:

the fake Van Braxton website by JeffersonJr, Willie Ray's website, Sampley's US Veteran Dispatch's website and the Kinstonpress.com are on the same server

JeffersonJr may well be just a sockpuppet avatar for Sampley to throw us off the trail.