We Need Leaders In Washington

Qualifications: They Matter. The Issues: They Matter. Marshall Adame is a Former Diplomat for the US State Department, Served on The Congressional Commission for Wartime Contracting in Iraq. Marshall has negotiated and worked with Billion Dollar budgets as a Senior Program Manager and as a US Diplomat. Marshall has worked in Acquisitions during his career both in the military and as a civilian. He understands how the Government funds Research and Development for new systems. He know how Government specifications are turned into hardware. He knows when a system is not what was promised by the manufacturer, he knows how to procure reliable, flexible, and good equipment for our Government, and most importantly he knows how to cut and stop wasteful practices, that waste taxpayer hard earned money.

Marshall will not be awe struck by Lobbyist and Special Interests Groups that are out to buy his vote, because Marshall is vested in North Carolina and the 3rd District. He has 14 Grandchildren, 10 of which are living in the 3rd District. He's concerned about their Public Schools, He's concerned about their water, their teachers, their healthcare and yours too. When your family depends on you to do the right thing it's different...you can't sell out your family. But it goes much deeper than that for Marshall...he is a LIFELONG Democrat. He is devoted to his party, and has been his ENTIRE LIFE. His longevity in the Democratic Party, and his works as a Democrat prove that he believes in the Democratic ideologies and principles. They're not just words to him. He lives them everyday of his life.

Marshall is a leader. He is a man of action. He has proven that his entire life. He is a Democrat and he's proven that his entire life as well. If you want to know more...visit his website at www.democracy.com/MarshallAdameForCongress/default.aspx

We need your help...we need your vote. If you believe in North Carolina, if you believe in 3rd District, if you believe in the Democratic Party...Vote for Marshall Adame....A LIFELONG DEMOCRAT!!!